Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still at Bluewater Lake, Prewitt, NM


It’s been a quiet week at Bluewater Lake State Park, just what we needed after two weeks in the big city of Albuquerque. It took a couple days of cleaning the rig inside and out to get rid of all the dust we accumulated there.

We’ve been taking walks around the lake, looking for the horses we saw here last year, but so far we’ve only seen them on the other side at a distance. The weather has been lovely, low 70’s during the day, but low 30’s at night, as you would expect at 7,400 ft elevation.


We took a drive to El Malpais, near Grants, NM, which we also visited last year. This time we went on the west side of the park, which wasn’t as pretty as the east side. We did a 3 mile hike to El Calderon, an old volcano, and got to see several lava caves and sink holes. It is pretty desolate country.



Yesterday was Jim’s birthday, just one more year until he qualifies for the Senior Access Pass and half price camping at national recreation areas. There has to be some good in getting old!

Our Birmingham, AL Lazy Daze friends, Don and Dorothy, arrived here yesterday on their way to Albuquerque from a 4 month trip to the Pacific Northwest and California. I invited them and Debbie over for dinner to celebrate Jim’s birthday and we had a very nice evening. They even pretended to like my vegetarian taco salad and fat free no-crust pumpkin pie.

Besides Jim’s birthday, October is our month of celebrations, the 9th being our wedding anniversary (#28!). We went out for an excellent pizza at Boston’s in Albuquerque with our old friend Debbie and our new friend Bill, another full time Lazy Daze owner. He has a brand new 2010 Lazy Daze rear bath model with the new paint job. We were impressed, but it doesn’t look like the Lazy Daze we’re used to.


And October 6th was our 2 year anniversary of being homeless vagabonds. It is really hard to believe we’ve been on the road that long, and we don’t foresee settling down any time soon. It’s been too much fun and there are so many more places we want to see.

I forgot to mention this unique RV that pulled in the other night. We initially thought it was the Beverly Hillbillies, but soon realized it was a really interesting looking rig. The first thing they do is hang a sign on the post, I’m guessing to keep from having to answer the same questions over and over again.


It was the most unusual RV we’ve ever seen.


The turrets raise up for the bedrooms. There is a working water wheel and a spiral staircase to the roof. They are traveling entertainers, he has a blacksmith shop on board, and they tell stories as he works. Here is their website for more info. Some people are so creative!


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