Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back at Catalina State Park

On Monday I tried to convince the woman at Gilbert Ray to let us extend our stay beyond the 7 night limit but she said it was a county ordinance and they were very strict. Since all the camp hosts left on the first of April though, we could have stayed on as hosts with a free site if we were interested in cleaning the bathrooms. We actually considered it since there are no showers there and there were very few people in the park, but if Jim gets released by the eye doctor next week, we are ready to move on out of Arizona.
There aren’t many people here at Catalina, either, compared to the park being full every night when we were here last month. Which meant we got a really nice site.
Haven’t been doing a whole lot, other than some biking, shopping, financial stuff, and planning our summer. We have decided to make our way east to visit friends and family in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Our only concrete plan is to attend the Lazy Daze Regional Adventure in Arkansas the beginning of October. After that we plan to go back to Pensacola, as by then it will be three years since we left. Too long, but we like the west so much we haven’t been able to get too enthused about going back east. Although we do miss our old friends.
On Monday evening we met up with Don and Kim, fellow bloggers from British Columbia who are making their way back home for the summer. We enjoyed meeting them and spending a couple hours discussing our lifestyles and travels.
Last night we had a nice visit with camp hosts Bob and Laurie, who we met last month.They are also fulltiming in a 30’ Lazy Daze.
The sunset was beautiful last night, and the heat wave is finally over. They’re even predicting some rain, which would be nice to help green up the desert a bit. Not a bad place to be stuck for awhile.


  1. It was great to get together and meet - hopefully for a longer conversation next time! Safe travels over the summer and best of luck with appointments!

  2. I will miss you both at the Balloon Fiesta this year, but I'm sure you will have a great time at the Lazy Daze Regional Adventure.

  3. Still following you from afar. Feel like a "peeping Tom." We made our first trip out west last summer and fall and like you fell in love with it. Came back and put our house up for rent in Panama City and are now full timing. Have a new grandchild arriving this summer so we are "hanging out" back east and then we hope to take off again. Stayed a week or so at the Blue Angels Campground in Pensacola. Very relaxing. Now at MacDill AFB in Tampa. Enjoy your blog.

  4. So you've dicided to come back to P-cola....Huh! Thought you had forgotten your other best friends who are still having to slave away at work..
    Rick and yours truely went to Augusta this past week to watch these guys hit a little white ball around a perfectly manicured cow pasture. It was a great treat to be there in person. Watching it on the tele. does not do it justice. What an amazing place.