Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Rockhound State Park

We’ve had a nice week here so far, visiting with our friends, hiking, and riding bikes. We have decided to try and do some camp hosting this summer so we’ve spent a lot of time researching, talking to different parks, and sending in applications. We hope to find something out this week, but if we get a volunteer job it will be at a state park in Missouri.
A few days ago, Andy gave us a 3 hour demonstration of his iPad, and it is quite an amazing computer. Too much money for another toy, but it can do some unbelievable things.
Yesterday we had a visit from another blogger who had been in contact with our friend Jim Melvin. We were sitting out after a hike and Barney (aka The Old Fat Man) pulled up. He’s been fulltiming for 4 years, and likes to explore the backroads in his 4WD truck. He’s from Texas, and gave us some good ideas on places to camp there.
We’ve hiked the trails in the park a couple times and tried to get up to the top of the mountain behind the campground but didn’t quite make it. Our fear of falling down a mountainside keeps us from doing anything really stupid, but we still find it fun.
Looking down on the campground.
Today we went back to Spring Canyon and managed to make it all the way to the saddle, quite a treacherous climb up a steep trail of loose rocks. We were lucky we all made it down without falling.
Our friend Jim walking up the trail.
When we got to the top, I made a comment about being glad we made it, and just then we spotted a large bighorn sheep running away from us. If I had kept my mouth shut he probably wouldn’t have heard us and maybe we could have gotten a better look and a picture. It was pretty up there, anyway.
Tomorrow we’re planning to take a drive to Palomas, Mexico, so Jim can get a cheap pair of prescription sunglasses. The wind is supposed to get bad over the the next several days, so we may just hang around and spend the upcoming Easter weekend here.


  1. We have read lots of posts about this place, and thanks for another! It is for sure on The List. Hope the eye purchase goes well in Mexico - Donald sat on his new ones he got in Algodones, and now we have to mail them back to get new frames! Ah! Have a safe travel day there.

  2. I.M. were a hopin' you'd have a picture of one of them rock hounds. Havin' seen myownselfs share of coon hounds, possum hounds, blood hounds and the like, I.M. were lookin forward to seeing it.

  3. As tough as it was climbing up to that saddle I was really glad I made it with you guys. The view was spectacular.

  4. Just a thought on the eyeglasses. I've bought glasses in Palomas, but found them much cheaper online at Zenni Optical. The only drawback is it takes about a month.