Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hanging Around Tucson



It’s been extremely hot the past couple days, with record-breaking highs in the mid to upper 90’s. Normal highs should be upper 70’s at this time of the year. We’ve managed to do a little hiking in the mornings, or walking around the park in the early evenings when it’s cooler. The great thing about the desert compared to Florida is that the humidity is so low it doesn’t feel as hot, and it cools off nicely as soon as the sun goes down.


Views from our site. We hear lots of screaming coyotes out there in the evenings but haven’t seen any yet.



This morning we took a ride downtown for buckwheat pancakes at Loving Spoonfuls, a very nice vegetarian restaurant. After breakfast we went to the 4th Avenue Street Fair, where there are over 400 arts and crafts displays, music, and the typical fair food (which is why we ate first). Although Jim thinks curly fries should be part of a healthy low fat vegetarian diet.


It was very crowded, as these things usually are, but we walked the entire fair and browsed the booths. There was a lot of fine quality artwork, but as always we have no need or place for any of it. I did make a big purchase of a nice long sleeve t-shirt from the 2010 Winter Street Fair for $5. And we went in the huge Goodwill Store on 4th Ave. where I found 2 pair of shorts that looked brand new and actually fit. $7.50 for both! Yes, I live in an RV and buy my clothes at Goodwill now.


This is actually a bar called The Hut.


We didn’t know that downtown Tucson had working streetcars.


The Tucson police have this nice RV. While we were checking it out some guy asked Jim if he thought the taxpayers bought it or it was the result of a drug bust.


The police also get around on these cool stand-up trikes.


Half the fun of going to these events is people watching. When our friend Debbie travels with us, Jim is always on the lookout for spousal material for her. She’s not here, so she’ll have to settle for this picture. He could really move on that thing.


I had to come back and add this fiery sunset shot. This is the first evening we’ve had a few clouds in the sky. Beautiful!



  1. JIM....that was not for my girl....check with me first hahahahah!!! I;m home now and already missing her.

  2. So...did you get a phone number??


  3. we saw those Cop Segways! I think I still like horses better! Maybe too hot for them today..see you tomorrow!

  4. Oh...gonna have to check out Lovin Spoonfuls are next visit..which could be next year.
    Enjoyed your pics of Catalina and Gilbert ray..two of my fav. campgrounds!