Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Global 1200 and Other Stuff



It’s back in port so we finally got a close-up view. That is one huge ship!


We’re hoping the ship will go back out to sea while we’re here and that we won’t miss it this time.

The 3 mile bridge across the bay, connecting Pensacola with Gulf Breeze. You still have to cross the much shorter Bob Sikes Bridge to get to the beach.


We sort of took the day off on Monday to just hang around the beach, go for a bike ride and a walk, and do some things around the rig we’ve been neglecting.

This little guy tried to hitch a ride with me.


Yesterday was busy in a good way. We met Gary and Terrie for breakfast at Panera, then visited with our former neighbors Kelly and Cindy (sorry we didn’t get to see the kids, especially Abby).


I even got to play on their rope swing.


Then we went to the Humane Society to see Monie, Jim’s coworker who is now the volunteer coordinator there. She took us on a tour, and at first I wasn’t sure I could stay. When I looked in the cat room and saw several black and white cats, memories of Oreo came flooding back. We adopted both him and Quincy from there years ago. I finally got a grip and just sat on the floor and played and petted all the cats roaming around. They actually have a pretty good life there, and the volunteers and employees treat them well. We felt more sorry for the dogs, since they were all large, like pit bulls, that will most likely never be adopted, although many of them probably have a better environment there than they had in some of the homes they came from. Recently we changed some of the beneficiaries on our investments to Best Fiends Animal Society and the Humane Society of Pensacola. We figure most of our family and friends are financially comfortable anyway, and the animals need our help more.

Last night we met Randy and Sunarree at Laguna’s Grill at the Boardwalk on the beach. We had a great evening of stimulating conversation discussing traveling and trying to solve the world’s problems. Thanks, guys!

Today it’s lunch with Jim’s brother, a phone interview for a possible volunteer job in California, and who knows what else. We need to get out of Pensacola soon so we can rest!



  1. Sounds like you all are having a great time! That is one huge ship!!

  2. Love the comment that you have to get out of there so you can rest! Isn't that the way of it. This is a busy wonderful life for sure.


  3. Good luck on your interview!

  4. I do miss Pensacola! Maybe my favorite of all the places I've lived.