Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lots Going On But Nothing to Write Home About



We’ve been back at Bentsen Palm Village in Mission, TX for three and a half weeks now. Being new workampers has kept us busy, along with volunteering at Cinderella Pet Rescue.

It’s not just cats that greet us at Cinderella.


Last week we attended two more Welcome Home Rio Grande Valley Activity Directors Boot Camp events. The first was at Fireman’s park in McAllen, to show off the new park and 8 mile bike trail. There were several tables from local businesses promoting their products, and the McAllen Welcome committee served Border Buttermilk, which is tequila and Country Time pink lemonade mix. No one knew how the name came about, but it was a lot better than real buttermilk!

At the event in downtown Harlingen I won a two night stay at the Marriot Courtyard in Harlingen, which we will probably include in a raffle for the activities fund. Not that there’s anything wrong with Harlingen, but I can’t see any reason to go there and spend a couple days. They do have a Bass Pro Shops, some nice little stores and restaurants downtown, and nearby birding areas.

The activities at Bentsen Palm Village officially started Saturday morning with coffee hour, and a movie Sunday night. This evening is our first Margarita hour, followed by a busy Thanksgiving day setting up and cleaning up after the dinner.

Last night the park managers invited all the volunteers to a great dinner at Agave Restaurant. They even had music and some of us danced after a few Margaritas.

Our very nice managers, Juanita and Guy. They gave each of us a framed picture of ourselves and a Christmas ornament.


Jim, wearing his dragonfly ornament and singing YMCA. He’s pretty funny after a bit of tequila!


We found out that Nikon is claiming our camera was dropped so they won’t cover the warranty repair. They even sent a photo of it. We will be the first to admit to dropping and breaking more than one camera over the years but this is not one of them. So Jim has been researching cameras again in hopes of finding a great bargain with all the Black Friday sales. We aren’t finished with Nikon yet and they are sending the camera back but we have never been satisfied with it anyway so we will probably buy something else.

Our camera did NOT have this crack when we sent it in. Jim suspects an employee put the screw back in too tight after opening it and it cracked, but it is our word against theirs.

Nilon camera 

More animal news. We saw a bobcat on the Mission bike trail the other afternoon. He just stood there and looked at us for a couple minutes and walked away. Guess they are used to seeing people. Of course we didn’t have the camera.

Two more cats got adopted yesterday from Cinderella, Rosa and Isabel, another two of our favorites. The good thing is that a fulltime RV couple staying in our park adopted them so we’ve already visited them once and they said we can come by to see them anytime.

These photos are from the Cinderella Pet Rescue website.


Isabel. They are the sweetest two year old sisters.


Jim is back at the dentist in Mexico today and he should have a new tooth when he gets home. He took Patty, one of the guest services volunteers, with him. She needs some dental work but has never been to a dentist in Mexico and is very apprehensive. Hopefully going with Jim will put her at ease.

Guess I’ve caught up on our week. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, whether you eat turkey or tofu!


  1. That's very disappointing about Nikon. My zoom is starting to jam up again. Not all the time, but this is the way it started. That crack on your photo is obviously a too tight screw, not the result of dropping it. I'd definitely fight them about it.

    Why did you send it back for repair?

    I'll be interested in seeing what camera Jim chooses. It might be my next one, too. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

  2. Jim drinking tequila not beer? What is becoming of that man...hehe

    Wonderful news about the little ones getting a new home. Another thing to be thankful for!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. My favorite camera is a really good deal now:

  4. Glad to hear about the mirrors getting a forever home. Stupid of Biking IMO to give such poor customer service. What could it cost them to repair it for you?? The goodwill would be worth more than that. Not to mention better PR on your blog.

  5. What fun you guys are having! Good news about the latest adoptions too - that is awesome. Bummer about the camera. I got mine 4 years ago during Black Friday online. Am due for a new one and am considering the one Diana uses (above), but am looking forward to the update on your decision too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. RE: the camera, take a look at the Canon Digital Elph 300 HS... I've had two, now, and they are durable and shoot great photos... and has the widest angle lens of any I've found. Most people want the most powerful zoom available, but the more one zooms, the photo goes down hill from there. My opinion.
    Enjoy yourselves... wish you were here hiking with us.
    Box Canyon Mark