Thursday, November 29, 2012

You Touch It, You Own It


Elvis and Sophie. How did we get here?


We learned a valuable lesson this week, one that we will remember for many years to come. You touch it, you own it. And now we are the proud owners of these little balls of fur. It was not in our plans, but it happened and we are accepting it.

I had a serious case of “postpartum depression” the first few days they were with us, so even though Jim wanted to keep them, he tried to find a shelter to take them to. Unfortunately the Rio Grande Valley is not a very pet friendly place. Every time we go somewhere we see dead cats or dogs along the road, and many people just dump unwanted pets and don’t have them spayed or neutered. The only shelter we found that would take them took in 45,000 animals last year alone. That is an unbelievable number of unwanted animals, and the majority of those were euthanized.

Cinderella Pet Rescue will put them up for adoption but we have to foster them and get them spayed, neutered and vaccinated before they will try to find them homes. We haven’t even had them a week yet and we are already very attached to them so I doubt that will happen. But at least we have that option if they drive us absolutely crazy!

When they’re awake they are always under foot so we have to be very careful where we step.


A quiet moment watching TV on dad’s lap. They are precious.



  1. Very cute, but a long term commitment, just like kids.

  2. I just wrote a blog on kitties on the road yesterday! Ending with Dogs have owners.... cats have staff. Such cute little bundles of happiness!

  3. Ah gee... you guys are doing a noble deed indeed.
    45,000? that number blew me away. Sad.
    Box Canyon Mark

  4. Oh so sweet. Thank you for giving them a temporary home, at least. Kittens bring such joy and are the best entertainers!

    But, yes, they do get underfoot and they are rambunctious.

    Kudos to you. Keep us posted on how you (and they) are doing.


  5. So sad about the attitude toward animals there. I hope this all works out for you in the best way possible. I do think having cats on the road is easier than having dogs. Cats don't need to be walked and parks don't bar them from hiking trails. IF you don't mind litter box detail that is.

  6. Cats CAN be alot of fun. We have considered adopting. We've always been dog people, but our dogs are gone, and maybe a cat would be a good thing.

  7. Looks like those two little balls of fur have sucked you right in! :)

  8. Oh you are stirring up those...I want a kitten...feelings. I am glad they found a wonderful loving home.

  9. Congrats on the adoption - they are cute, cute, CUTE!

  10. Those little kitten claws grab tight to your heart don't they!
    My friends almost had to do an intervention as various rescues came into my life. Things have settled down and I'm holding the line (1 rescue greyhound, 1 Siamese, 1 little pure-white dominatrix kitty).

  11. Those little bundles of fur are so cute. At least you can keep your options open for now and see how it goes. If I were a betting person...

  12. They are both soooo cute. You had to know you'd be leaving there eventually with a couple of new cats. How could you not? Cats are such good RV pets and your two kitties seem to get along well and will grow up together. I hope you keep them. :)

  13. You should know by now that once you name them they are all yours. They could have a better home then yours.