Saturday, March 30, 2013

One More Cinderella Story


Tangerine, back at the shelter after his unsuccessful adoption.


For me, the best part of our extended stay in south Texas has been the opportunity to volunteer at Cinderella Pet Rescue. Yes, it can be heartbreaking working with rescued animals, but it is also extremely satisfying to play a small role in getting them socialized and ready to be adopted. The sad part is how difficult it is to find good homes for these sweet animals.

I, along with either Jim last year or Debbie this year, have been the cat volunteer every Monday for the past 2 winters, making Mondays the highlight of my week. We wanted to see them once more and say our final goodbyes so we stopped by for a quick visit yesterday. I guess they knew we weren’t coming back and wanted to leave a good impression, because all the cats were extremely affectionate and friendly, even some of those that never want to make contact with us. It was hard to say goodbye, and our short visit turned into a couple of pleasant hours spent petting and playing with cats. And taking lots of pictures.











Half Pint




My buddy Laz


Ozzie, the only cat that won’t allow us to touch him.


Georgina playing in the rafters.


We’ve changed our summer plans, and have decided to wait until September and October to travel the 395 corridor in California. We just don’t want to fight the crowds trying to visit Yosemite in the spring and summer. So we will most likely hang around New Mexico, northern Arizona, and Utah. That means another visit to Kanab, where I can get my cat fix and volunteer for at least a few days at Best Friends.

The Guest Services work campers had one last happy hour last night for everyone left in the park. When we were leaving, someone noticed these ducks on the roof of the palapa. They are black-bellied whistling ducks that actually perch in trees. How strange to see ducks on a roof.



Adios, Texas.


  1. Great pix of the cats! Enjoy your summer travels out west.

  2. Love the cat pictures. Ginger looks like she might be part Maine Coon?? She's beautiful.

  3. I am stuck here in Rockport until the 4-15 date. Break a trail through the snow in NM for me. Most of all have fun.

  4. Barney, glad to hear that your county jail sentence will be up soon. See you up the road.


  5. I sure can't understand why those beautiful kitties don't have homes. I know Best Friends will be thrilled to have you. Sure can't blame you for skipping Yosemite during the crowds.

  6. What a great contribution to the rescue shelter... good on you!
    Box Canyon Mark

  7. Be careful what you post Cummings. Just so you know, the FBI is really cracking down on border-town kitty porn lately. While I hope you find homes for all of those kittys, I don't want you to end up in the hoosegow or being interviewed by Chris Matthews in some stranger's kitchen.

  8. Be careful what you post online Cummings! Just so you know, the FBI is really cracking down on border town kitty-porn lately. While I hope you find homes for all of those kitties, I don't want you to end up in the hoosegow or being interviewed by Chris Matthews in some stranger's kitchen!

  9. Kanab and NM and northern AZ is still a favorite choice, especially when you can avoid the crowds elsewhere. I envy you, just shuffling around where ever it suits!
    Fantastic photos of the kitties. They still have such a great place to live even if it takes a while to find them homes. I have mixed feelings about the kitten I just found a home for. In a way, it leaves my door open for the next 'last chance' rescue. I'd love to hear all about Best Friends and how you like it there. I might travel that way some day and give it a try myself. Have a great time on the road!
    Mary and Houdi

  10. Those cats are gorgeous! I have a little red tabby myself and she's been my buddy for years now. Looks like you're in good company :)

    Started following your site, hope you follow back my Coachella travel blog soon!