Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Good Anniversary



We had quite a nice anniversary, just the two of us, starting with breakfast at Castle Rock Bakery in Torrey, then taking a long drive on Hwy 12 over Boulder Mountain to see the trees. Another week and it will probably be too late.



We stopped at most of the overlooks so it took us a couple hours to get to our destination, the Lower Calf Creek Falls trailhead in Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument, about 40 miles from Torrey. We passed through this area on our first visit to Capitol Reef in 2009 but didn’t stop and have always wanted to return. We’re glad we did. It is quite a drive over the 9,600’ pass.

They forgot to look left before crossing.


Every overlook had a terrific view.




The trail to Lower Calf Creek Falls starts in the BLM campground, recommended for vehicles less than 24’. We could probably get in some of the sites but the big dip in the creek crossing to get into the campground may pose a problem for our long back overhang. We could see where the pavement has been scraped again and again.


The three mile trail to the falls didn’t have too much elevation change but there is lots of loose sand to walk through. There is such a variety of scenery to look at we stopped frequently to explore and take photos.







Jim wasn’t expecting much out of the falls at this time of year, but we were pleasantly surprised. It was definitely worth a six mile hike.



On the way home we stopped at the Rim Rock Patio in Torrey for a beer and pizza. The veggie pizza without cheese was excellent, which also surprised us, but the low alcohol Utah beer left a bit to be desired. All in all a really good day.


  1. Boy I'm surprised at that falls too. What a beautiful drive and hike. Fabulous pictures. Looks like the perfect anniversary day together to me. Congratulations!

  2. Happy Anniversary! It looked like a stunning day.

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  4. Happy anniversary. Looks like a perfect way to celebrate.

    The falls is spectacular!

  5. Beautiful scenery! That was a great way to spend the day.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Love the scenery and the beautiful fall colors. My favorite time of year.

  7. That drive and hike make for a wonderful day! It's awesome to be able to celebrate doing what you love best. The colors are just incredible...don't you just love this time of year!

  8. Looks like a great way to spend an anniversary. Fall colors AND a waterfall.... beautiful :-)

  9. Now that is my idea of a perfect anniversary:) Happy Anniversary! This is yet another hike we need take. We did ride out that way on some great Jeep roads. It sure is a beautiful area, isn't it!

    If you get a chance and want an amazing meal, you need to drive to Hell's Backbone Grill in Boulder. It has great unique food using locale ingredients most their own. Hell's Backbone is near area itself.

  10. A perfect venue to celebrate an adventurous life! The falls are so pretty against the colored rock - and the pool so serene. Especially like the pic of the water through the trees :-)

  11. That is a place I have to see on my next visit to the area. Beautiful pix.

  12. Did you water up the Lazy Daze and jugs at the Wonderland RV park Sat morning in Torrey?

    1. Yes, that was us! You should have stopped to say hello. Suzanne should be joining us later today.

    2. Small world. By the time I figured out it was you, you were gone. This is the first day I've come into Escalante for wifi - maybe we'll meet up another day?

  13. What a beautiful waterfall! I added it to my pinterest file for hikes for SOMEDAY!! Looks like it was a perfect day for you two. Congrats!!

  14. Glad your anniversary was special. Finally! You took a hike that I've done. Twice. Now that I think about it, once was in the spring and once was in the fall and the falls looked just like your picture. Maybe it's spring fed.

  15. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful fall colors. We haven't been to those falls since 2001. Stunning and a really great hike.