Friday, October 24, 2014

Kodachrome Basin State Park, Cannonville, Utah



We ended up spending three nights at Kodachrome Basin State Park, near Cannonville, Utah. Although we tried to find some dispersed camping on nearby BLM land, there were quite a few RVs on the choice sites, probably hunters, and the only spots open were not level and not very attractive. We are in the no-hookup sites for $19/night, a bit pricey for dry camping but the showers are quite nice. There are about 10 full hookup sites for $28 and they were all reserved each night. Build them and they will come.

The one downside to this area is there is no cell service at all. When we were here in 2009 they had wifi at the office, but that is no longer available to the public. So we made a couple trips to the coffee shop in Tropic to check email and publish blogs. The even smaller town of Cannonville is a few miles closer but we didn’t find wifi and only had a bar or two of 1X Verizon, too slow to be useable.

We did some hiking in the park the first two days, then yesterday we paid a visit to beautiful Bryce Canyon, which requires a post all its own.

Photogenic and colorful Kodachrome Basin.



With all these unusual rock formations.






She doesn’t have the prettiest leg.


Inside “Cool Cave”. It was very cool.


And finally Panorama Point, with Jim, Mark and Bobbie admiring the views.



Next up, a day in Bryce Canyon.


  1. With a name like Kodachrome it has to look good! I wonder if the name will be changed in 50 years when no one alive remembers what Kodachrome was?

    I stopped in Winslow, AZ & sat in the coffee shop across from "Standing On The Corner Park" and watched all the older people (my age) show up to look at it & take pictures. I later told my kids about it and they said "what?". I wondered you long that park was going to last....

  2. You guys are making life tough. Only been home from Utah for a couple weeks and you're tempting me to bag my current project and head back. Beautiful pictures!

  3. I am really enjoying your pictorial journeys. My hiking ability seems to have severely dwindled way before I got to see all I wanted to see. At least I get to see some of it in detail thanks to your efforts. Thank you.

  4. Nice rocks! Another place I need to visit; along with Bryce and Kolob.

  5. aaaahhh, glad you are back in wi-fi country, though it looks as if I missed some good laughs over some very "interesting" rock formations. ;-)

  6. Those formations are really bizarre - like the beginnings of sculptures that never "became" something. Certainly someone has a more artistic mind than I to see a ballerina in that one - an ugly leg indeed :-) Still, fascinating to see what nature creates.

  7. Your Kodachrome photos came out great. Looking forward to Bryce!!!

    Box Canyon Mark

  8. Boy does this area look better with a blue sky:) We only spent a day there while we were stay at Bryce and it showered off and on but was still great. I am looking forward to returning to visit with a blue sky. Mark is right, your photos are gorgeous!!