Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Spring Canyon, Capitol Reef NP


October 12, 2014

Sunday morning was windy and in the 40s but Mark and Bobbie suggested a hike in Spring Canyon, which happens to start from the Chimney Rock trail that we hiked a couple days before. We had to retrace the first steep half mile of the trail but then we went off in a much more level direction towards the canyon.


We were all getting stiff necks from looking up at the canyon walls.




We were seeing all kinds of faces in the rocks. I seem to have tendency to think most of them look like monkeys. Not sure what that means.


The trail extends almost 9 miles to the Fremont River near the Capitol Reef Visitor Center, but gets hard to navigate about 4.5 miles in. We took two cars in case anyone wanted to turn back early, but Bobbie was hoping to make it to the challenging part.

Still a few pools from the rain a  couple weeks ago.


Being mostly flat it was fairly easy hiking except for rocks, most small but a few that required some scrambling.

Torrey, UT, Capitol Reef NP October 2014

We all ended up making it 4.4 miles, where we had to walk along the edge of a deep slot with water and decided it was time to turn around.



This area is all very scenic, but Spring Canyon is definitely a trail not to miss in Capitol Reef, even if you only go a short distance into the canyon. It was our favorite so far.


  1. I'm keeping your posts so I will remember what I missed next time around. Looks like we missed a lot. This is a great hike. Just love the colors!

  2. That narrow path and deep slot would make us turn around also.
    Love all the colors of the canyon. Gorgeous.

  3. We loved this trail. It is a little up hill coming out which was tougher in the deep sand. Hopefully you saw the very cool striped swirling rock about halfway in. That was my favorite.

  4. Those rock walls are so beautiful, I'd be looking up all the time too! After seeing Congo years ago, I try not to see monkey faces when I'm hiking :-) Pretty moon over the outcropping.