Monday, June 8, 2015

Spring Creek Canyon, Kanarraville, Utah


We managed to do one more hike while in the Cedar City area, this one just a few miles down the road from the RV park in Kanarraville. We were driving around on one of the stormy days to check out Kanarraville and saw a dirt road called Spring Creek that looked like it went towards the mountains. Jim turned down it and at the end was a small parking area at the mouth of a canyon. We walked a short distance but it was thundering, and decided to look it up when we got home. Sure enough there was a trail into a slot canyon, and it sounded like a perfect hike.


Spring Creek Canyon is just north of the Kolob Canyon section of Zion National Park, so although we were in the BLM wilderness area the scenery made us feel like we were in Zion.

Jim wore his red rock colored shirt just in case he went down in the mud again.




After about a mile and a half the trail disappears and becomes the streambed of the canyon, where it narrows.




We got to do some fun and mostly easy rock scrambling the farther we went.




The canyon was getting more overgrown and rocky and when we came to a water obstacle I decided we should call it a day. We were almost three miles in anyway, and needed to get back and do some laundry.



This mud puddle and climb up the rocks looked much worse in real life and I just knew Jim would be dunking the camera and himself if we tried to go on through. I also had my doubts that I could make it over. He said if Mark and Bobbie were here we would have kept going, and I’m sure he was right! We miss our hiking buddies.


This is a great place to hike if you want solitude, as most people go to the more popular Kanarra Creek just down the road. On Sunday afternoon we saw one other couple when we were almost back to the car.

Next we move on to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


  1. During your visit to the North Rim (my all time favorite place to hike in the canyon) make sure you check out Cape Royale (I think that is it) is an overlook some distance away but the ONE you definitely do not want to miss. With all the hiking you two do you might also enjoy going to Roaring Springs..........steep coming back up but AMAZING.......last time we hiked it we were there at 4am (started our hike from the north rim back to the south rim at 2am.......yes we are crazy) and it was soooooooooo beautiful. The stars at night in that part of the country are amazing.

  2. It is amazing how tiny you look next to those gorgeous red rocks. Looks like an awesome place to hike!

  3. Know you will have fun at the North Rim. You have a wonderful source of info.:-)

  4. Well there you are....back into the land of great hikes. Mud puddles ack.... guard the camera indeed!

  5. This was a beautiful hike in the fall!

  6. While the combination of thunderstorms and slot canyons sounds ominous, you found a gorgeous spot for a hike! Love those swirling red rock walls :-)

  7. Great looking slot and not technical, my kind of place. On the list it goes. See ya' soon.

  8. I love finding those hidden gems and having the trail to yourself. Great find:) I miss the red rocks!!!

  9. This looks like our kind of hike! Glad Jim had no more mishaps with the camera.