Monday, June 1, 2015

Cave Lake State Park, NV: A Nice Find Along the Loneliest Road

After our night at Bob Scott Campground near Austin, NV, we continued east along Hwy 50 with nary another car in sight. By the time we reached Eureka 60 miles later it was time for a break so we stopped to have a look around. We wonder how these little towns make it since many of the businesses are boarded up or have for rent signs in the windows.

No problem finding a place to park

Built in 1880, restored in 1993

Stage inside the Opera House

Eureka Court House

Having been impressed with what we'd seen of Nevada state parks, we decided to check out Cave Lake State Park, 14 miles east of Ely, a larger town along 50 that sounded like a good place to do some laundry and pick up a few groceries. Luckily even on a Friday afternoon we had no trouble finding a site in the Elk Flat Campground. The other campground in the park, Lake View, was nearly full and better for smaller RVs. There was no view of the lake from any of the sites that we could see.

We took a late afternoon walk along a closed dirt road that meandered into a canyon. What a lovely area.

On Saturday morning we did a nice five mile hike on the Cave Springs trail. At 7,500' we could really feel the elevation on the uphill sections. We liked the interesting rock formations and had the trail all to ourselves.

Did not say if he died in a climbing accident
The small reservoir that is Cave Lake
We really enjoyed our weekend at Cave Lake State Park, and the Soak N Suds laundromat in Ely was one of the nicest we've been to in our travels. 

Next up, Great Basin National Park.


  1. We were shocked at how nicely restored the buildings were in Eureka, yet the place was dead!

    Looks like a great campground and place to hike!

  2. This looks like a nice relaxing, peaceful visit with very cool rocks:) Some great hiking! Have a wonderful time in Great Basin. Can't wait to see what you find:)

  3. Looks like fun

  4. Cave Lake SP is on my list if I ever get up that way. Were those really caves in the cliff faces?

    1. Yes, there are caves lots of caves, but apparently they are all very shallow. You would like it there.

  5. That campground looks like a nice little find with some great hiking. Looking forward to learning more about Great Basin NP.