Saturday, August 8, 2015

Telluride and Bike Ride


Needing to take a hiking break, on Wednesday Debbie, Kim, Jim and I decided to take a day trip to Telluride, 49 miles from Ouray on paved roads, just 17 miles if you have Jeep and are a very experienced off-road driver. We took the long way, a very scenic drive with little traffic.

Once we got to Telluride the traffic was heavy, parking was at a premium, and Jim was wishing he had stayed home.



Of course that was before we had an excellent pizza and beer at High Pie Pizzeria and Taproom. We highly recommend it.


Kim and Debbie goofing around, and they didn’t even have beer.


We wandered the streets and took a free gondola ride up the mountain. Found this nice house just a half block from the gondola, 2,100 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, for a mere $5,199,000. Location, location.



Scenes from the gondola and Mountain Village at 10,500’. They have bike carriers so you can ride up on the gondola and have a downhill bike ride all the way back.



Debbie kept an eye out for bears, since the first time we visited Telluride a local we met on the gondola said they can frequently be seen.




Mountain Village has shops, restaurants, hotels, and things to occupy the kids.



Four hours before the free concert and people were already claiming their spots.


Then we checked out Bridal Veil Falls, at 365’ the tallest free-falling waterfall in the state of Colorado.


It was a fun afternoon but I’m not sure we would go back to Telluride. Too crowded and touristy for us.

The next day Mark and Bobbie suggested a bike ride to Ridgway,  then continuing on to the state park and reservoir. Debbie and Kim would drive our Subarus with bike racks and meet us at the park in Ridgway, with lunch at Taco del Gnar following. Sounded like a great plan and saved us from having to ride 11 miles back, mostly uphill, to Ouray.

Jim, Chris and I met Mark and Bobbie along the way.




Waiting on Mark, who went back to take a picture of a camel.



We stopped at Dennis Weaver Park in Ridgway. He was a resident there for many years, living in a 10,000 square foot “earthship” home.


Anatomically correct eagle sculpture in the park.




A four mile paved trail continues on through the Ridgway State Park day use area to the reservoir. It was a scenic ride along the Uncomphagre River.






Then it was back to Ridgway where Debbie and Kim showed up with our cars. After our 20 mile ride we were glad we didn’t have to ride back to Ouray. We had a great lunch and would also highly recommend Taco del Gnar.  Definitely gourmet quality food. It was another good day and a nice change of pace from hiking.


  1. Sorry I had to miss that bike ride. It looks like loads of fun. I sure enjoyed the photos, tho...

  2. My god - that pizza looks good! After seeing that aerial shot looking down on Telluride, I made the right decision. What scenery though!

  3. That is exactly as we remember Telluride....neat tow but very crowded.

    We didn't do the gondola ride. Come to think of it...I am not sure they had it. This was back in 1981. Beautiful ride though.

  4. Telluride is definitely beautiful. I had a very good friend who lived there nearly all her life and was very sad when it was "discovered". In her later life, I don't know how in the world she afforded to stay.. Just an ordinary house, $5M? I guess we know who lives there now. Love the waterfall. Really beautiful. That's my kind of bike ride - a nice 20 miles with lunch and transport home. You do have fine friends.

  5. Ridgeway State Park is one of our favorites in Colorado. We love that area.

  6. I agree. Telluride is too pricey and touristy...reminds me of Park City, UT.

    That is a beautiful bike ride, we did most of what you did in two different parts during our stay. When you are hiking those insane mountains and elevations, a change of pace and muscles used is required!

  7. What a beautiful change of pace! I do want to check out Telluride one day even though I know it is a pricey location. What I really want to do is take the gondola ride! Yes, it was good you were able to avoid an uphill climb home after a 20 mile ride:) Great plannning! That eagle sculpture was beautiful! Love the way it was mounted. So I guess Suzanne was the only taker on the short cut ride:)

  8. Beautiful place, apparently a whole lot of people think so too. Love the camel, although his story must be bizarre :-) I think we'll shop for real estate elsewhere.

  9. Telluride, although pricey and touristy does offer great opportunities for photos…lovely! You two are getting some amazing exercise.

  10. Gotta shake it up with a bike ride now and then. Nice!