Monday, September 14, 2015

More From Poncha Springs and Salida


We’re still in Poncha Springs, CO awaiting mail, but the weather has been great, we’ve hung out with friends, and on days when we haven’t done a “real” hike we’ve walked or biked the roads from our campsite.

Ron and Barbara from The Road Less Traveled spent a few days in nearby Salida so we met up for a hike and lunch. We let them pick the trail, as they were looking for something fairly short and easy. The Methodist Mountain Trail System, just outside of downtown Salida, is primarily designed for mountain biking but made for a nice hike. We pieced together parts of three different trails to make a 3.6 mile loop. They had hiked part of it before but didn’t remember the steep climbs so we got a good workout with good company and good views.





Barbara and Ron, happy because it’s all downhill from here.


They had never eaten at Amicas and asked if we would mind going there again, our third time in a week. But since we had something different each time, and we really like their beer, of course we agreed. It was a fun day. Then on the way home we stopped to check out a marijuana shop, never having been in one before now that it is legal in Colorado. It was an interesting store, and the staff is very professional. It even comes in hard candy! We thought it was funny that it says on the package that it’s gluten free and vegan.


On another day we just had to stop by Elevation Beer Co. in Poncha Springs and try a flight of five different beers. We had their Apis IV before and really liked it so were anxious to try the others. Although they were all good, the Apis was definitely our favorite. It’s a 10.7% alcohol Belgian Quadrupel, smooth and a little sweet. Can’t drink too much of it, though!


On Saturday morning we went to downtown Salida to check out the farmers market, where we bought a delicious loaf of seeded whole wheat bread. Then we walked around town and along the Arkansas River, where there was a Fiber Festival taking place. We were surprised at how big it was, and saw everything from yarns to clothing to live angora rabbits for sale.




We’ll be hanging out here until our mail catches up with us. We had it sent Priority Mail from our mail service in Pensacola, where it departed on September 8th. On the 10th it arrived in Denver so we figured it would be here by Friday or Saturday. It never showed up and there was no more tracking after Denver until Saturday night when it showed it had arrived in Jacksonville, FL, of all places, and was on the way to its destination. We usually get our mail about once a month or so and rarely is there anything of importance in it. This time it contains Jim’s new drivers license, medication, car registration, and credit cards, so it will be a real pain if it gets lost. We’re hoping the post office gets it moving back in the right direction soon.


  1. That same rabbit will be on my blog! Surprising we didn't see you there.

  2. Glad to see you were able to stick to your Vegan regimen. ;-) Sure wish I had me some of that Apis! Reminds me, I had better fill the storage bin before Utah!

  3. I hope the mail tracking was a mistake and that your package arrives today.

  4. Don't you two try to eat gluten free and vegan? I think that hard candy is a

  5. Sounds like someone in Salida sent it back and your mail service in Pensacola is going to end up with it. Bummer given all the important things in it. Since I'm not a beer drinker but am a vegan, and have a sweet tooth, perhaps I should try some of that candy. Long way from Virginia to Colorado though.

  6. Sounds like some nice relaxing time in a very beautiful area:) Sure hope your mail finds you in the right part of the country! Love that you stopped in a marijuana shop. Wish we had thought of that.

  7. Ah mail service...seems like it's simple and fast when you're not in a rush and slow and worrisome when you are!

    I hope you tried the candy! :-)

  8. Looks like you're enjoying your summer in Colorado. Hope that mail catches up to you. That can be so frustrating.

  9. Sounds like another lovely area to add to the list. Colorado seems to agree with you two. Hope your mail finds you soon.

  10. I would have loved that fiber show. What is about mail forwarding these days. Took almost 10 days for my mail to get to the North Rim from Yarnell.

  11. Saved as a favorite, I like your blog!

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