Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On to Durango


We ended up spending another night at Russell Lakes SWA since we were the only ones there and the biking was good. We did an 11 mile ride with only 110’ of elevation change. Hard to find anyplace that flat, even in Florida.


The first day we were there we did a shorter ride and found some ponds, but the second time we looped around all of the lakes, and there are quite a few that were surprisingly large.




We did not see another person the entire time we were there, and only a couple cars passed by each day.




Sunday we did another short 40 mile drive to South Fork, where we spent the night at Aspen Ridge RV Park, a Passport America park. Not a bad place for $14.50 plus tax.


We wanted to do one last high altitude hike for the year and South Fork is on the east side of Wolf Creek Pass, so we drove up to the top to hike the Continental Divide trail from the Lobo Overlook.

Starting at 11,700’ and gradually descending, we walked a couple miles and lost 600’ of elevation before turning back to gasp in the thin air one more time. Sadly the forests around Wolf Creek Pass and South Fork have been ravaged by the spruce beetle, so there are thousands of dead trees, which makes for less than stellar scenery.








Yesterday we made our way to the big city of Durango where we met up with Debbie at the La Plata County Fairgrounds. They have a very small 6 site RV park, if you can call it that. It’s just a gravel lot in the back of the fairgrounds but for $16.50/night with water and electric, the location can’t be beat. The Animas River Trail runs right behind us so last evening we walked 1.6 miles to downtown for dinner at Steamworks Brewing Co. And got passed by the Durango-Silverton train along the way. A fun evening!



  1. Really sad about the spruce. Those hillsides look like the ones here with dead hemlocks killed by the wooly adelgid. I wonder what trees we will have left in our forests after all these foreign invaders and diseases both east and west. Your pictures still clearly show the beautiful views. The biking around those beautiful lakes looks great. What a spot to be the only one. I N V U.

  2. Boy, that is terrible devastation from the beetles. It looks like most of the trees are dead. Sure how there aren't any wildfires in the area, but then again, maybe it would be the best thing. How nice to have your own little place all alone:) Enjoy Durango!

  3. I like that kind of biking! (I'm originally from Florida.) The little RV park in Durango sounds like a great find -- it's always fun to be able to walk into town. The views on your hike are beautiful, but the dead trees are a sobering sight.

  4. We've seen some tree devastation this summer, but nothing that bad! It's going to take the West hundreds of years to recover from this.

  5. It is hard to believe that a small beetle can do so much damage but there are signs of destruction throughout the west. I would love to find some bike trails like that. Even on Lopez Island I found many hills to get me huffing and puffing. It has been years since we have been to Durango. I think after reading many of your posts it is time for us to consider a lengthy trip to Colorado.

  6. We love Durango and the people. Great find with the small RV park.