Monday, January 25, 2016

More Quartzsite



It’s been a pleasant week in Quartzsite, but we’re ready to move on. We were joined by Box Canyon Mark and Bobbie on Thursday, a nice surprise since they are not big fans of Q, but they wanted to meet some people at the Blogger Fest Saturday.


I think there were over 50 people who showed up, so like last year I missed talking to some, but it was fun to put faces to blogs and visit with some people we met last year. I only took a few photos while everyone was going around the circle introducing themselves. After that we all stood around talking and I completely forgot to take any more.



Bayfield Bunch Al, Kelly and Pheebes were there again. Pheebes moved too fast to get her picture, but she had a great time running around greeting everyone. What a sweet dog! Thanks again to George and Suzie (Our Awesome Travels) and the others who helped put this together again.


One of our hikes around the hills near Q mountain. From left, Jim, Mark, Bobbie and Chris.


Old stone cabin we happened upon.



We decided to dump and get water late yesterday afternoon hoping everyone else was at happy hour or watching football. Since there were only three people in line I think we picked a good time, as that can be a busy place with the thousands of RVs here. So today all we have to do is hook up the car and make our way to Yuma.


  1. Beautiful moon shot.

    Glad y'all had a good time at Bloogerfest. Sounds like there was a good turn out again.

    Safe travels.

  2. Good to see some familiar faces!

  3. Thanks for joining us at Bloggerfest always fun to meet fellow bloggers

  4. Have fun in Yuma. Sure was great meeting you at bloggerfest! I, too, completely blew it when it comes to getting enough photos. Good thing there are lots of other bloggers around who took the ones I missed, including you!

  5. I recognize quite a few of those folks.

  6. Love that first picture. Glad you got to see all the Bloggerfest folks again. I wonder if I'll ever make it there. We've been west but we never seem to get to stay long enough before some thing makes us have to leave.

  7. Good to see so many people at the Blogger Fest. This would be a nice way to meet many fellow bloggers.

    Nice moon photos:) Safe travels as you move on!

  8. Sorry we missed the blogger fest. I can't believe how many people were there!

  9. Good to see you both. Thank you Jim for dragging Bill over. Wish I'd met more bloggers, but... Have fun down south. We are back in cold southern Utah.