Monday, February 8, 2016

Biking Galleta Meadows and Mail Problems Once Again



We took a break from hiking on Friday to do a 19 mile loop around Borrego Springs on the bikes for a close-up look at the Galleta Meadows sculptures. It was just Mark and Bobbie, Suzanne and I, as Chris had laundry to do and Jim went on a journey to retreive our mail.

There is not much traffic on the back roads of Borrego Springs, CA.


Don’t know if we were just lucky our first six years on the road in that we had no problems with the post office getting our mail to us using General Delivery, but over the past year this is now four times that our mail either went to the wrong place, or never arrived at all. This time it ended up in Pauma Valley, CA, 54 miles from Borrego Springs. It came from our mail service in Pensacola with a typed label and the correct address, so it was another screw up by the post office.

Jim decided he didn’t want the mail forwarded from Pauma Valley, concerned that it might cause even more problems, so he went on a mission and picked it up. The woman at the post office told him that happens all the time.


While Jim was driving, we were biking and stopping along the road at the incredible sculptures scattered around the desert just outside of town. We’ve seen them before but they are worth another look. More have been added since we first checked them out in 2010. There are now 130.




The attention to detail is amazing.



This 350’ long sea serpent is my favorite.


Riding the serpent’s back.


You really need someone in the photo to give some size perspective. They are huge!








It was another beuatiful day in the desert. Next up, a hike through Hellhole Canyon.


  1. We had the best time seeing those sculptures. Amazing how one man could make all those.

  2. Those sculptures are just amazing. And so many and by one person. How in the world can he afford to just donate things that must take so many hours to do in such detail? We had that same mail problem when we were boondocking and did General Delivery. We never have a problem if we have it sent to the state parks we stay in. I don't get it, an address is an address. BUT the PO is now a private business so who knows.

  3. I'm ready for a Jacuzzi just think'n of riding 20 miles in the heat :) Thanks for the update there are new statues! Sweet! gotta get back out there!
    BTW when you hike Hellhole leave your bike (chained) at the top near Pena Spring ... just say'n guess I'm lazy.

  4. Great photos of the sculptures!
    Maybe we will work in a visit.

  5. Great way to see the sculptures! They are so cool.

    We've done Hellhole Canyon twice looking for the "falls." Last year we were determined to find it and ended up climbing three and half miles up the canyon. When we got to the top of the canyon, we realized we definitely missed it. It was crazy dangerous the way we got there with all the loose rock. Thank goodness on our way back down we went a different way and heard the very faint sound of water dripping. The falls!! Okay, a little dripping this time of year, but we finally found it. Good luck with your climb!!

    1. Try coming down form the top. There is easy access and parking at Pena Spring and follow the trickle of water down. It is a trickle, any picture showing a waterfall was taken after a good rain :)

  6. Love those! The serpent is my favorite too.

  7. Great shots of the sculptures -- I especially like the group shot with the serpent. We've never toured the sculptures by bike -- that's a terrific way to do it!

  8. Love those sculptures, just cruised them the other day. 1st rime 9 years ago, well worth going back to see.

  9. A lot of new sculptures since I've been there.

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