Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Suicide Rock and Catching Up



After a couple days of fun in the sun in San Diego we came back to Jojoba Hills and have decided to spend a little more time here even though our computer issue has hopefully been resolved.


We left Suzanne in San Diego, and Mark and Bobbie were melting from the heat, so they moved on to greener pastures. Hated for our little gang to break up but we sure enjoyed meeting up and hope to do so again soon.

We’ve played pickle ball with Terry and LuAnn once more, then the next day joined the group of regulars who play in the mornings. We didn’t do too badly for beginners, and it brought back good memories of our 20 years of playing racquetball. We’ll probably be out there again tomorrow. Jim also changed the oil on both the car and Lazy Daze. Nice to have a place to get things done.

Elvis relaxing on the dash.


The latest news is that on Monday we received an email from Microsoft with a tracking number for the replacement Surface. Apparently Jim’s buddies at the customer service center were unable to get the order canceled, but by this time we had already decided we did not want another one. Jim called FedEx (it was being overnighted, much to our surprise), and they were able to intercept it and put a refusal on it, so it is now on its way back to Memphis where it was shipped from. The service from FedEx was so much better than Microsoft.

Sophie’s new resting place, under my pillow. She is such a fool.


Since we needed to find a place to dump the used oil, and I was in need of a hike, we decided to take a drive to Idyllwild yesterday in the San Jacinto Mountains where we found an auto repair shop to recycle our oil and the Deer Springs trail to Suicide Rock just a mile north of town. You have to get a free Wilderness Permit at the Idyllwild Ranger Station just off SR 243 at 54270 Pine Crest Road. There is a self-issue permit station on the porch and they only give out a certain number per day, but on Tuesday we only saw a few people out on the trail. Being an hour or so from the Palm Springs area the weekends are probably very crowded.

Although the trail guide said it was 3.3 miles to Suicide Rock, our devices showed closer to 4 miles, and it sure felt that long. It probably had something to do with the fact that we started at 5,600’ and climbed to 7,400’, and we’re not used to hiking at that elevation.

At the lower elevations the forest was thick with manzanitas.





A taste of views to come.


It’s a long last mile to Suicide Rock.




This downed tree was an obstacle on the trail, and not easy to climb over as the circumference of the trunk was huge.


There was one creek crossing with what looked like sudsy water. Not sure what that was about but it made for an interesting photo.


We began encountering quite a bit of snow on the trail as we got higher.



Across the way Tahquitz Peak is the highest point. I can’t believe we actually made it up there last year with Suzanne.



We actually stood on the deck of this fire tower. If you’re interested you can read about it here. Although about the same distance it involves even more climbing but the views are better.


Trudging through more snow on the last difficult quarter mile of the trail.



Almost there.


Suicide Rock is a huge rock outcropping and the official end of the trail.


It got its name from a local legend of two Cahuilla Indian lovers who threw themselves off the rock rather than be separated by the tribal chief’s orders. Now that’s love!


Looking down on the rustic, touristy town of Idyllwild, CA.



Coming  back down was easy and fast, as it was all downhill. Jim says he wouldn’t want to do this trail again, but as tough as it was I would definitely go back. Maybe not for a few days, though, as my legs are really feeling it today. Hope we can do at least one more hike while we’re here.

We’ve really been enjoying our stay at Jojoba Hills and are considering putting our names on the waiting list for a site. After 7 1/2 years of travel Jim is getting tired of moving around so much and it would be nice to have a place we could come to whenever we want and could stay as long as long as we like. It’s a big decision that we aren’t taking lightly, and we’re considering other alternatives, too. The way we are at making decisions these days we will most likely end up doing nothing! We’ll see…


  1. Wow, that's two people I'll know in JoJoba Hills. We've found that we are really preferring no less than 2 weeks in any one place and more if we can work it out.

    I was thinking that hike looked pretty great at 4 miles but when the sign said 10 - Oh my - then I looked closer - whew. Beautiful pictures. Snow always amazes me in what I'm thinking are desert landscapes. Reluctantly sent my phone back to Samsung with the worry that they won't get it back to me in 2 weeks before we move 200 miles away. As in your case, dealing with UPS was much nicer than dealing with Samsung. Good for you for refusing it. Interesting that you could get your money back AND they were sending you a new one.

    1. The exchange was a warranty issue handled with Microsoft. The return was to Costco where we bought it.

  2. Idyllwild is a fun little mountain town, but with a huge influx escaping the summer heat on weekends. Think you have done the Tahquitz Lookout, how about Devil's Slide? This is such a great area among the Pines-to-Palms adventures. Thanks for the post of a place that holds many memories.

  3. Would love to try pickleball - looks like fun. Best Elvis photo EVER?

  4. Keep an eye on your credit card to make sure they don't try to charge you for the refused tablet. Didn't it feel good to call FedEx and refuse it? After all the rigmarole Microsoft put you through? I'll be interested in what you guys decide to do, IF you decide. I'm the same. I've been thinking about finding a home base for over a year. I get excited about it, then calm down, then do a little research, then get excited about it, and on and on. Hard to come to a firm decision, and I guess when I find the right place, the decision will be made.

  5. We have a Spirit Rock up here with a similar legend.

  6. I'm wondering if RVers that get a lot at Jojoba become California residents, its not a good state for income taxes.

    1. I am not aware of any requirement to do so and if there were we wouldn't consider it. You don't actually own the land at Jojoba.

  7. Wow, that Tahquitz Peak does look way up there, doesn't it? Can't believe we made it there either, but that was such a beautiful day, I think I could have kept on going! So sorry I missed that Suicide hike. Even more sorry I missed the potential for all Jim's jokes about a hike with the word "suicide" in the name. ;-)

  8. I've done that suicide trail many years ago and can remember how hard it was! Jojoba Hills sounds mighty inviting...

  9. We are so glad to have the time together with you both. You know how we feel about the possibility of having you around more often, but no pressure from us. It has been great fun playing pickleball together.

  10. Jojoba Hills seemed an interesting place. We will in CA next winter and might consider a stop there so we can hike Suicide Rock.
    Oh that is a lovely curl of the Manzanita!

  11. Idylwild is one of my favorite places. Love your photos, especially the great mountain vistas.

  12. Nice trail!! Love hiking in the snow (when it is warmer out)! The manzanitas are so cool. I love all the various designs the bark creates.

    Aren't cats just so clever. It is always fun trying to find them when they change sleeping spots.

    Jojoba Hills seems like the perfect place to try out a more permanent location. You don't lose anything with the purchase and changing your mind is easier than a usual piece of property that you would need to sell. LuAnn and Terry seem to really be happy and she wasn't thrilled to start. Good luck!

  13. Love the pictures of the bark - made my heart sing! Beautiful things !

    Virtual hugs,


  14. I was really enjoying the trip up the mountain until you hit the snow! Which is a bad word for me!
    We hear such great things about Jojoba Hills...can't remember hearing anything negative. We just enjoyed 4 nights at North Ranch.
    Happy travels and stay cool.