Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yucaipa Regional Park, Yucaipa, CA



We had a very good week in Hemet. Played pickleball every morning for at least a couple hours and met some really nice people. Also had a great visit and lunch with George and Tina at their lovely house in the canyon and got to meet their new longhaired dachshund puppy Jax. We planned a hike with them but George came down with a stomach bug so we got an extra day of playing pickleball instead of hiking. (Hope to catch up with you guys in Idaho in August.)

Yesterday we made another short move of 27 miles to Yucaipa Regional Park. We’re visiting friends in Ridgecrest on Friday and had a few days to kill, so I found that this park was close to Redlands and Hangar 24 Brewery, makers of Pugachev’s Cobra, one of the best beers we’ve ever had. It’s in a good location and is a beautiful campground but a bit pricey at $40/night for full hookups, $35 with the senior discount. But we are in California.

It’s very pretty and green here, especially so after six months in the desert.


Late yesterday afternoon following a walk around the park we went to happy hour at Hangar 24 and got a flight of 7 different beers to sample. It’s a rustic mainly outdoor tasting room across from a tiny airport but a popular place and the beer is very good.


No fancy tasting glasses.


No fancy restrooms.


I really liked the Double Betty IPA, and Jim even thought it was good although he dislikes IPAs. We both loved the Vinaceous, an Old English ale brewed with grapes from Temecula and aged in oak barrels. We never expected to like a beer with wine in it!  Even bought a 32 ounce can that they call a crowler. The bartender takes a blank can,  puts a label on it, then fills it from the tap and places a lid on the can.


We’re just 40 miles from the Lazy Daze factory in Montclair so today we’re taking a drive to pick up a few parts and check out the new models.


  1. We just got a 32oz can (crowler) at a micro-brewery in Springfield, IL. They can it right at the bar with a little machine. First for us too!

    1. I guess crowlers are the latest craze in the craft beer market. Anything to get us to buy more beer!

  2. We just learned about crowlers too! Pretty neat that they can can something right on the spot, and they are a much better size for an RV fridge than a growler!

    1. We've never bought a growler for that very reason, but the crowlers fit great in the fridge door.

  3. Looks like a neat stop with a! It is probably fun to sit and watch the action in the little airport. The brewery in Tucson has crowlers, as does the Moab Brewery. Clever and quick idea:) Have fun at the Lazydays factory!

  4. I think killing some time near a good brewery is a perfect way to locate! Pretty spot with all the green and water :-)

  5. You're right, the crowlers are the perfect size for RV fridges. We discovered that when we were at the rustic little June Lake Brewery last fall. So much fun to have microbreweries springing up everywhere!

  6. Had never heard of a growler until this post. Would love to try that Pugachev's Cobra...sounds wonderful.