Monday, January 12, 2009

Mishap at Elephant Butt

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First the good news. Saturday we drove into Truth or Consequences, henceforth known at TorC. Anyway, we went into town with two of our camping friends and had a pleasant lunch at the Cafe Bella Luca. This is a very nice Italian restaurant with great food, pizza and more importantly beer.

Mike, if you run across Steel Toed Milk Stout by the Ska brewery try it, you’ll like it. Pleasant food and company, what more could you want on a beautiful day. Here is the gourmet pizza we ordered and can you believe it was a large one. Roasted garlic, marmalade onions and roasted red peppers.


Now for the bad news. As you are well aware small electric heaters can be dangerous. Please don’t let children or pets play with them and apparently this would apply to Gayle as well.

We had one of those 1500 heater fans in the bedroom. Last night Gayle took a shower and no I didn’t toss it into the shower. While she was drying off she backed into the fan butt first. I am not sure how many minutes it took before she realized she was up against the front of the heater. She later compounded the problem by using two small old band aids to try and cover a 4”x5” burn. The band aids promptly disintegrated but stayed stuck to her butt.

I helped her pick this stuff off and it was painful, not for me, for her. We then used our remaining piece of Tegaderm, great stuff and she feels better. Here is a tastefully edited shot I took but don’t tell her I posted it on the blog.



  1. Gayle:

    Jim is posting pictures of your backside on the internet.


    Thanks for the pictures, it looks great. I wish I had been there with you guys, although I would have ordered the large. I love pizza.

  2. Jim, we would rather see Gayle's butt, but without the burn,

    Don't have tooooo much fun. In case you want to say hello, my e-mail is