Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bonneville Lock and Dam


We survived our first day at work. Just got our ID badges, car pass, hard hats and gloves, and got to meet a lot of very nice people who work for the Corps. Everyone made us feel very welcome and we are looking forward to actually starting to work.  Jennifer, our volunteer coordinator, drove us around to learn where things are, but on our way to the visitor’s center to get our vests and some other goodies, the truck broke down and we had to get a ride from security back to the office. Since there were no other vehicles right then, we postponed that until tomorrow morning. Then we get to go to the big employee picnic.

Hope it’s a bit cooler tomorrow.  Portland hit 106, a record, both yesterday and today, which has really surprised us. It rarely got into the 100’s in Pensacola!  We did go for a hike yesterday morning before it really heated up. There are trails everywhere around the Columbia Gorge area, some of them just a short distance from Robins Island. We climbed the ridge trail that follows the gorge. What great views of the Columbia River, the dam, and the islands. P7280001 P7280002

This is Robins Island, our temporary home.P7280003

You can see our Lazy Daze in the back row.


This is a view of all 3 islands and the dam. Robins Island is in the far left, on the Oregon side. It is really pretty around here!


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