Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fish Creek Campground, Glacier NP

P7070031 Sunday we moved over to the west side of Glacier, to Fish Creek Campground,  an 80 mile drive around the park. Would have only been 50 miles across Going to the Sun Road, but vehicles over 21’ are prohibited, so you have to leave the park and take the long way around. We had a site reserved, not knowing how busy this week would be, and it was a great site, nice and private, nothing but woods behind it. Unfortunately, we used all 3 bags of Lynx Levelers and still were way off level. So it was back to check-in to see if there was another site we could have. They gave us  a list, and we drove around and  found only one suitable for our length, and we had enough levelers to make it work. Jim threatened again to get hydraulic levelers installed, like he does every time we have a problem like this, but then he comes to his senses. Too much money and too much weight. As I always tell him, what else do we have to do?

Shortly after arriving, the camp host stopped by to tell us that a bear an a cub were in the campground  2 days earlier, and a week ago a cougar was in the site across from ours. They just remind people to keep a clean site, and not to leave any food out. We did see a deer walk by our site on the road, but nothing else.

Rained most of the day yesterday, so we took a ride to Kalispell, MT,  for a haircut, lunch and some shopping.

Nicer day today, though a little cool. Drove up the Sun Road and hiked the Avalanche Lake Trail, one of the prettiest trails in the park. You access it from the Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail, a beautiful boardwalk along the creek.


The 2 mile trail followed the rushing water of Avalanche Creek, then went into the deep, dark woods until the lake. We saw one deer on the way back.

P7070016 P7070006 P7070008

What looks like snow coming down the mountain was actually waterfalls from the snow melting.


Stopped by Lake McDonald Lodge on the way back, a great location on the lake. The lobby was very cozy, and we sat and listened to a young Asian boy playing Dave Brubeck’s Take Five on the piano. He was excellent!


  1. Man, I really, really, envy you two. The pics are awesome.

  2. We had planned to go to Glacier NP last year, but never made it past Pendleton. That's when we had tire problems and had to put the Fit in the shop for extended work. Never made it to Glacier. You can tell us all about it.