Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good News

Our visit to Henderson’s in Grant’s Pass went well. The rig did need an alignment and camber kit, which was not unexpected since we had some uneven tire wear. Other than that, everything else was fine. Since it was 102 degrees outside when we got to Grant’s Pass, it was nice to be able to park at Henderson’s lot and plug into power. We also ate dinner at Wild River Brewing and Pizza Co. and had their pizza and beer, which were both excellent.

Got finished  at Henderson’s by noon, and with another day of triple digits in store,  headed for the coast and some cooler weather. We definitely found it. By the time we got to Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, it was in the 60’s and foggy. There are numerous forest service campgrounds and that is where we planned on staying. We drove through and looked at a couple and they were very nice. Hardly anyone at either one of them. Stopped to pick up a registration envelope and saw they are charging $20/night for sites with no hook-ups. We knew the generator would be getting a lot of use since the sites were very wooded and we wouldn’t get much solar charging even if the sun came out, so I called Jessie Honeyman State Park, a few miles up 101, and they had a few power sites left for $22. For such a huge park (350 sites), we actually got a nice private one on an end, and are happy to be able to plug into power.


I think the National Park and Forest Service will soon price themselves out of the market. It wouldn’t be so bad if we had the “geezer card”, which gives you half price, but it will be a couple more years before Jim is an official geezer and can qualify for one.

We took a walk around the campground and took a trail to the dunes last night, but forgot the camera. They are huge, and many of the people camped here have numerous ATV’s and dune buggies. Luckily our site is away from the area they allow you to ride, because it was quite noisy on that side of the campground. 

Where we came onto Hwy 101 at Reedsport, the road is inland some, so we are looking forward to taking a ride and seeing the Pacific today.  The ranger told us the weather forecast was predicting some sun in the morning but fog by early afternoon. It’s not looking too promising, but it is pretty here anyway and we don’t have to use the AC.


  1. Jim - so your not an "official geezer" yet. Am I reading into this that there is an unofficial geezer status?

    Your iternary still looks wonderful. Have a good time in Oregon!


  2. Pam,
    Jim has been an unofficial geezer for a long time!
    Looks like you're having a great trip, also.


  3. I'm an official geezer for sure, and have all the cards to prove it!!!! Glad you enjoyed the pizza. We know a good place up here on the Willamette River that has pretty good pizza, too.