Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Crater Lake

This is our last day here, so we went back to the park to hike the Cleetwood Cove trail, the only trail which actually goes down to the lake. It also goes to the dock where the boat tours depart . The boat tour was sold out for the day, but we weren’t planning on taking it anyway,  just wanted to do the hike. It is a 1.1 mile trail of fairly steep switchbacks. Many of the people coming up didn’t look too happy. You are actually allowed to swim in the lake at the bottom of the trail, and we saw a few people in the water.  The surface temperature can get to the 60’s, but below 200 feet it is a constant 38 degrees year round.


It was a beautiful walk down (and up) with lake views the whole way. We just appreciated them more going down when we could breathe a little easier.



The water is so blue because of it’s depth (1943 feet at the deepest point), and it’s clarity. It is truly amazing.P7190006  This is at the lake level. A nice young ranger woman asked if we wanted our picture taken together, so here it is.P7190011

Tomorrow we’re off to Grant’s Pass. We have an appointment Tuesday at Henderson’s Line-Up, an RV service center with a great reputation, to get some things checked out. Not having any problems that we know of, but since this is our home, we want to be safe. At least they have a spot there where we can spend the night, with an electric hookup.

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  1. Hard not to take lots and lots of pictures when you're there. Sure glad for digital film, aren't you??