Monday, November 21, 2011

Anahuac and Port Lavaca, TX


Yesterday we drove 180 miles, the majority on I-10, to get to Trinity Bay RV Park in Anahuac, TX. It is a Passport America park, full hookups and cable for $17.50. It wasn’t bad and not far from the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, which we planned to visit today. When we got out to unhook the car, the mosquitoes attacked both of us immediately. I’m not usually bothered by them, so we knew they must be bad.


I talked Jim into spraying down with Off and taking a walk around Ft. Anahuac Park, adjacent to the RV park. It was getting dark, but very windy, so the bugs stayed away. Saw this sign on one of the roads going to the water. Not exactly sure what it meant, but Jim figured it was to keep 4WDs off the dirt/grassy area when it’s wet.


There was an elaborate, well lit fishing pier and a good road to take a long walk on.


We wanted to visit the Anahuac NWR to meet Judy, of Travels With Emma blog fame. She is volunteering at the refuge and offered to take us on a tour. With the plentiful mosquitoes, and the threat of severe thunderstorms for tomorrow, we decided to skip the refuge and move on today. Hate we didn’t get to meet you, Judy. Maybe next time.

It was another long drive for us today, 210 miles, taking the longer scenic coastal route to avoid going near Houston. We got to take the free Galveston Island Ferry, funded by TxDOT.


The 2.7 miles takes about 15 minutes, and was a nice smooth ride. Like the ferry we took on Lake Erie in August, we were jammed in pretty tightly.

Took this out the back window.


We had views of the water from much of the drive today. What struck us as odd  on Galveston Island was there were lots of newly built beach homes on pilings with cattle ranches just across the road. A little different than Florida!

There is also a lot of oil industry.


I found a city park in Port Lavaca, Lighthouse Beach RV Park and Bird Sanctuary. Unfortunately i couldn’t access the website due to being blocked by the computer as an attack page. The most recent RV Park Review was from Jan 2011, which said the rate was $20. We pulled up to the entrance station and the volunteers said to go pick a site and they would come around to collect. There was no sign with campsite rates. We selected the last waterfront site next to the day use parking, which has a nice view.



When the camp host finished getting my information, he said make the check out to the City of Port Lavaca for $70 for the 2 nights we plan to stay. $70??!! That is now the record for the highest price we’ve ever paid for a site. At least we’re on the water and we have full hookups with cable. Next time I will be sure to make a phone call or ask before we set up. Live and learn!

There are other amenities as well like this nice boardwalk for bird watching just behind our site, and a couple washers and dryers at the clubhouse, which we need to make use of tomorrow. And so far no mosquitoes.



  1. Too bad you didn't get to meet Judy. I enjoy her blog and all her bird pictures. I also hate mosquitoes though.

    That looks like a nice place you are in now, even if it is a bit spendy.

  2. We HATE mosquitoes!! Too bad you didn't get to meet Judy but don't blame you for moving on.

  3. I hate mosquitoes too, but guess I've gotten used to all the itching. Maybe next time! :)

  4. Glad to hear there is a park near Anahuac. Judy's blog has made me really want to see it. BUT I wonder when or if the non mosquito season is.

    I'm with you $35 is the highest I've ever paid. I know you'll never forget to ask again and I'd bet you'll probably call ahead to see if you even want to go there.
    Hard to turn around and find some place else once you are there.

  5. There must have been swarms of mosquitoes for Sask. residents to be bothered! Nice site by the water, though, even if it was pricey.

  6. If you would like a nearby, free place to camp right on the beach, here is one:

    28.55718 -096.528075


  7. $70 for 2 nights!!! OUCH!!