Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Are You An eBookaholic?


I had to share this email exchange Jim had with our friend Debbie who got a Nook a few months ago. They make me laugh! Maybe some of your can relate. I still have bags of paperbacks to get through before I embrace this technology.

Hello, I am Jim and I am an ebookaholic and I can't stop. Please stop me before I download again.
Prior to getting the Kindle I thought I had researched the whole ebook thing but I had no idea there was all this free stuff out there. That book link I sent you to Hurt Machine, just finished it and it was an excellent book, in my opinion.
But I already have so many I am having a hard time keeping track.
I think I like managing my library with Calibre rather than Kindle PC software but not completely sure about that yet.
With the internet, pizza delivery and now this just call me Jabba. Thank God for Gayle or I would only see the  outdoors through the windows and when I have to dump the tanks.

Her reply:

Hi Jim!  I'm Debbie, and I'm an ebookaholic too!  I now have so many books downloaded that I need to live to be 100, or simply devote entire days (several per week) to doing nothing but reading...AND I CONTINUE TO DOWNOAD!!

Having the Nook I don't know anything about the Kindle software, but I do prefer Calibre to the B&N Nook software.

You have Gayle to make you stand up and move, and I have Elliot (that’s her dog) (although he's a bit less bossy - which is said with total love for Gayle).

Gotta go - I need to download Hurt Machine right this very minute!

Jim’s final reply:

Gonna start a 12 step program. Will get back to you, got to download some books on the subject.

So guess where we went the other day? To the wonderful new library in McAllen, where I checked out a couple Spanish books and Jim picked up two DVDs, and also signed up for a library card so he can download more ebooks!


He did get his bike fixed and is so happy to be back on a recumbent. Between reading and riding his bike, it’s gonna be really hard to get him to work on the things around the rig that need taking care of.


  1. [snicker-giggle-snort] Hi, I'm Donna and I'm an ebookaholic...I've downloaded over 300 books and 98% have been free...and I get 3-5 more every week. LOL!

  2. I'm a hard cover, turn the pages, write in the margins, smell the ink and glue bookoholic. But I have many ebookoholic friends although they say they spend more time downloading the books than reading them. LOL


  3. This post cracked me up!! I agree with you Gayle -- just can't get into the modern technology of Kindle, Nook, ebooks and my attention span isn't long enough to even complete a book -- I start one but find it difficult to complete. What's up with that? Maybe I need to change what I'm reading...ummm!

  4. Hi ....This is Debbie's Mom, this is so funny.Knowing the sense of humor of both of them....I loved it.Good luck Gayle........

  5. I NEVER thought I would love an eReader but I love my Kindle...wish I had more time to read it!!

  6. OMG this made me chortle. And I really needed a good chortle. No Jim, don't download books on chortling - that would be a guffaw. See what you started? :)

  7. Hello. My name is Jim (also) and I am ALMOST a ebookaholic. I love my Kindle and have read more books this past year then I have probably read in the last 5 years.

    For Christmas I received something different from my family that I almost didn't recognize. They were called paper books! What a unique novelty. I am trying to figure out how to install them into my Kindle reader. So far no luck!

  8. Jim, I understand exactly. Had to break down and read a hardback. Then yesterday I started looking to see if I could get a good deal on it as an ebook and couldn't.

    Of course, the hard back was free from the park library. It is an illness. Perhaps I can get disability.