Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico



We had an uneventful trip to Mexico this morning, 35 miles to the International Bridge which connects Progreso,TX to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. Parking on the Texas side is $2 and there is a 25 cent fee to get through the turnstiles both entering and leaving Mexico.

The Rio Grande from the very impressive covered pedestrian bridge.


Entering town.


We had to walk about a block and a half to the dental office of Dr. Mustre, passing probably a dozen other dentists, pharmacies, shops and street vendors along the way, all trying to lure us into their place of business. When we walked in we were surprised to see a nearly full waiting room. I counted 25 chairs and there were only a few vacant seats. Jim struck up a conversation with the woman next to him, whose husband was having his teeth cleaned. They have been going there for years and were very pleased, which made Jim feel less apprehensive.

As it turned out, all went well, Jim’s tooth was prepped and a temporary crown put on, and he has to go back on Dec 27 for the permanent one. They said if it comes in sooner they will call, but as busy as they are he doubts that will happen. While he was being worked on, I went next door to the orthodontist and got a new upper retainer made, which I picked up 45 minutes later.

It was a very cold (barely 50), gray, windy day, so we just walked up and down a couple blocks and looked around in some shops. I love the colorful Mexican pottery and glassware they sell, but it’s heavy, breakable, and we have nowhere to put it. Jim’s mouth was still numb, and the few restaurants we passed didn’t have anything on the menu we would eat anyway, so we didn’t spend much time. If the weather is better when we go back we will do a bit more exploring. Nuevo Progreso is definitely the cleanest and nicest border town we’ve been to and we felt perfectly safe.

I always get depressed when we go to Mexico because years ago I was fairly fluent in Spanish. Now I barely understand a few words when I eavesdrop on conversations. They speak way too fast!

Hasta luego….


  1. Happy to hear everything went well and you felt safe! Closest I've come to MX is when I went to Laughlin AFB in Del Rio for a court-martial, which involved a young AF kid who got in trouble in MX.

  2. Yes it does look very clean, we just might check it out for a cleaning. Thanks for all your birding pictures, I am hoping we will be able to visit there.

  3. If you are interested in eating lunch there don't miss the Red Snapper. DELICIOUS. Also, if you are interested in reading a few more neat places to go, please visit our blog,

    Enjoy your stay!

  4. Glad to hear everything went well and you too would recommend this dentist. We will definitely keep this on our list of places to go when we need dental work. Thanks so much!


  5. Howdee...Jeff went to a Mexican dentist in the same town~Veronica Munoz. My hubby was a dentist ten years ago and he wanted to make sure that everything was clean and done properly. He really thought she did a wonderful job on the two crowns he had done by her.
    Hope all goes well.
    Take care..and enjoy the Texas Rio Grande Valley. We really enjoyed our time there a while back.

  6. hello all, My name is Ed Fudge... no not made up... been going to Progresso for 15 years ...love it ...yesterday my wife asked me to get a hair cut. theres a guy that charges 5 but he askes for 10 theres an awsome guy that askes for $4 and I am happy to give him 5 for a$1 tip after he shaves my brows and beard... therebis a pace on the right that has an entry way with an ok bar and inside they asked if i would pay $8 i said no, then they said $5 they gave me my worse haircut of my life... my wife gave $7 and they said she owed more, I looked in the mirror and realized i had been screwed I said enough and walked out... 2 minutes later I was theatened to pay $3 more ...I stated I should get my money back and the lady threatened me that Im in Mexico now and they will be after me... wow please be careful and they followed me up to the border