Thursday, December 15, 2011

We Moved But Didn’t Go Far



In fact, we’re just 12 sites away from our first site here at Bentsen Palm Village in Mission, TX. Last week we decided to ask about staying another month or two, but were told there was a waiting list. They left us with the impression that there wouldn’t be a chance of getting a site. After talking to several people, they suggested we make pests of ourselves in a nice way and go to the office often to check for cancellations. They took our name a few days ago, and then yesterday said they had a site for us for January and February. We thought we’d be moving the first of January but since the site is open now they said it would be easier for their record keeping if we just went ahead and moved now, which we did.

A Texas Tortoise.


It’s funny since we usually avoid private RV parks, but we really, really like it here. We just feel very comfortable and are enjoying the new experience of getting involved in activities and meeting people. Now we understand why many people leave the cold northern states and Canada and stay 4 to 6 months in the same park every year. We are already thinking we’ll come back next year.

Finally got a not very good picture of a Kiskadee.


After spending the past three winters in southern New Mexico, Arizona, and California, we came to realize it isn’t very warm in those states during the winter. Plus we were tired of the wind and blowing dust in the southwest, although we love the desert scenery and mountains. So it was south Florida or south Texas, and here we are. The Rio Grande Valley isn’t very scenic, but we are in a great location for walking and biking, the park is lovely, the people are friendly, and it is a mainly younger, active group of people staying here. And yes it gets windy here, too, but at least you can go outside without eating dirt.

The other day when we thought we’d have to leave on January 1st, we drove around the valley looking at other RV parks with fitness centers. We found two that were okay but more expensive, but most of them were awful in our opinion. So we’re happy to be here awhile, and hope to use the down time to get some things done.

The serious birders have some big lenses on their cameras.


Lots of Christmas lights at our neighbors across the street.


Santa already brought Jim a Kindle and I’m getting new binoculars. And we’re wearing shorts in December! We’re happy campers.


  1. So glad you two are able to stay in the park. We get down there the end of the month. We are staying in Hidden Valley. We will have to check out your park.
    Great picture of the Texas Tortoise. Enjoy your weekend.!

  2. The squeeky wheel gets the oil! Good for you for being nicely persistent. So glad you got to do what you wanted. It is hard to find a place that is actually warm for the winter and that you like. Looking forward to hearing about all you do there in the park.


  3. We may cross paths, yet. We begin volunteering at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge Feb. 1. We'll be in touch.

  4. That looks like a nice place to spend the winter. Is there more grass there? You said you could go outside without eating dirt so I am curious. I guess my "vision" of Texas is dry as dust!!

  5. Looks like you landed in a very nice place to spend the winter ... it's going on our "recommended" list.

  6. Sure glad somebody has some warmer weather! It looks like a real nice place where you are. It is always nice to be around so many nice people.

  7. We also prefer the TX coast to the Southwest. Desert brown and eating red dust gets old after a bit. Being from Florida we miss our "green".
    Enjoy your winter:
    Ed & Carol

  8. Nice to see you've found a spot to settle for the winter. I'm hoping to go full-time with an LD in another year when I retire. So, I enjoy reading about other LDers on the road. Are you going to report on your "projects" soon?

  9. If you're going to be living in TX, there are a few changes you're going to have to make unless you really want to stand out as tourists:

    Jim: Needs snake skin boots, a tall hat and a belt buckle the size of a dinner plate.
    Gayle: Needs the "big hair", long fingernails, and large plastic sun glasses with lots of sparkly jewels attached.

    Need to bone up on the important TX info., like:
    What's the state flying mammal?
    The state grass?
    The state vegetable?
    The state dinosaur?
    Any other such things.

    Merry Christmas from us to you.

    Ed & Carol