Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort, Mission, TX



We got off to a late start yesterday due to someone leaving a dishpan full of water in the sink, which went all over the kitchen, including into the converter, when Jim pulled away to hook up the car. After turning on the generator and using the hair dryer to dry things off, everything seems to be working properly.

That was our third water event in three days, the first being when our old camera (with the broken zoom) fell out of my jacket pocket and into the toilet at the Padre Island Visitor Center. Luckily there was only water in the bowl when it fell in, so I took out the battery and SD card and after a couple days it seems to be working. Funny thing, the zoom is now working again!

The next day on the boardwalk at the birding center, Jim took the new camera out of it’s case and dropped the case in the water. Since it’s neoprene and floats, Jim laid down on the boardwalk to try and get it but he couldn’t quite reach. He found a stick and since my arms are longer I finally was able to get it with the stick, and managed not to fall into the water myself. Hope that was the last of our water adventures.

It was almost four by the time we arrived at Bensten Palm Village RV Resort in Mission, TX. When we checked in we were told Wednesday was Margarita night, and to stop by the clubhouse at five for a drink. We were sure ready for one, and spent a nice hour chatting with some of the work campers and park manager. They told us about all the activities going on in the park and things to do in the area. So far we are very glad we decided to come here. Thanks to our friend Pam for telling us about it.

Although the sites are close, they are more spacious than many RV parks we’ve stayed at, and the landscaping is very nice. We have a huge field behind us, which was full of cattle yesterday, but they were nowhere to be seen today. We’re paying $560 for the month, plus electric. Not inexpensive but one of the nicest private RV parks we’ve stayed at next to Jojoba Hills, the Escapees park in CA.

Today we washed the car, tomorrow we do the rig. They allow you to wash your RV and car once when you arrive and again before you leave.

This afternoon we got our free pass from Guest Services and took a walk to Bensten-Rio Grande Valley State Park and the headquarters of the World Birding Center, right next door. What a great place to walk, bike and bird watch.


We got to see several birds we’ve never seen before, like these Plain Chachalacas. They are as big as chickens.


We saw quite a few Great Kiskadees but they wouldn’t pose. These beautiful Green Jays were more cooperative.




Not a bird, but fun to watch anyway.


I’m sure we’ll be spending lots of time in the state park while we’re here.

When we got back our neighbors from Ontario invited us for a beer, since Jim helped him fix a flat on his bike this morning. We had a nice time talking with them and look forward to meeting some of the other people staying here. Maybe at bingo Saturday night. We’ve decided to come out of our shells and join in while we’re here. We’ll see how that goes!


  1. If you like Christmas light displays, be sure to get over to Hidalgo, the entire downtown area is done with millions of lights and displays. We did it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. You can take a trolley or a horse drawn carriage both with guides and then walk the large city park area.

  2. I think I'd die if my camera fell into the toilet bowl! Maybe you had better stay away from water for a few days. :)

  3. Judy, know what you mean. I asked Gayle why she didn't just toss it in the garbage.


  4. Sounds like you guys are having way too much but need to stay away from water...LOL. Great pics with the new camera.

  5. Please keep the camera dry so you can keep posting bird photos. We will be at Santa Ana NWR in January and need to learn about all of them.

  6. Glad to hear you haven't had any lasting water damage. David has lost two cameras in the water in the past year so he's really the one who should stay away. :-)

    Thanks to your friend Pam for telling you about Bensten Palm so I could hear about it. Sounds and looks like a great place that I will definitely check into for winter next year. How long are you staying???


  7. Maybe I should try that on my old camera. Sounds like you guys are all wet!! HA!