Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mexican Dental Update



We paid our quarters to cross the bridge into Nuevo Progreso again on Monday. Jim also put a couple nickels into the hats under the bridge, which is the only panhandling you see in Progreso.


Dr. De la Rosa’s office is in a little shopping center in the middle of the first block of town. He’s not the only dentist in this plaza.




The oral surgeon from Reynosa, Dr. Velazquez, arrived a few minutes after we got there. He looked to be about 18, and spoke little English. Dr. De la Rosa laughed and said they call him the “Baby Doc”, but he is actually 34 (still a baby!) and does lots and lots of dental implants so not to worry. After a couple of equipment malfunctions before the procedure started, Jim almost got out of the chair and backed out, but he did go through with it, and has done well so far. Very little discomfort the first two days, just took some OTC naproxen. He got a bit of a scare when one of the sutures fell out the day after the surgery, but Dr. De la Rosa said not to worry, just come back on Saturday to have the other suture removed. He is taking antibiotics to prevent an infection, and so far so good.

I am still having some tooth pain off and on and Dr. De la Rosa wanted to do a nerve conduction test to help determine which tooth is causing the problem. The new machine he ordered hadn’t arrived yet so if the equipment is there I will get the test on Saturday when we go back. If not, I will probably go to another dentist for a second opinion before I have a root canal done. Nothing is ever easy.

Hasta la vista!


  1. Glad to hear Jim is doing well -- so far -- and hope it continues. Hope you can figure out which tooth is bothering you and get it taken care of. When do you plan on leaving the area and where to next?

  2. We are near you on Oleander Acres on Conway. Green and white Holiday Rambler MH marie and craig

  3. WOW you two are courageous me thinks.

  4. Dental problems are no fun at all. Hope you get it all taken care of to your satisfaction.