Sunday, February 26, 2012

Catching Up


It was a busy week between dentist appointments in Mexico, washing, polishing and Jim changing the oil on the Lazy Daze, getting the tires rotated on the car, playing with the cats (and dogs) at Cinderella, happy hours with friends, riding bikes, taking walks, working out, etc.

Sophie, one of the many sweet kitties at the shelter.


Lots of birds in a lake at a beautiful golf course subdivision where we like to bike.



View from the hawk tower in Bentsen State Park today. When we got here in December there was no water and everything was brown. After all the rain this past month (thanks to Don and Dorothy showing up) it has really greened up.


Due to spring break, winter Texans heading north, and failing to make reservations in the Hill Country where we are heading next, we have decided to stay here another couple weeks. We still have some things to take care of on the car, Jim wants to be sure he doesn’t have any problems with his dental implant before we leave the area, and I want a little more time with the cats at Cinderella.

Won’t someone please adopt us???



After many hours of researching and reserving over the past couple days, we now have a semi-plan for the spring and summer. After a couple weeks in the Hill Country, we’re heading back to New Mexico, then working our way north into Colorado during the heat of summer. Of course, like most full time RVers, our plans are always subject to change.


  1. I bet you're going to adopt a kitty or two before you leave -- you know you want to:)

  2. Enough with the kitties....I may need to get another one!
    We loved Hill Country. Put Lady Bird Johnson park on your list. Great park! ~wheresweaver

  3. What sweet kitties. My oldest son sure has a soft spot for kitty cats. I love the coloring on the last one. Give them lots of love while you can.

  4. Sounds like you got a lot done in your busy week. Nothing like accomplishment to make one feel good. I like your upcoming travel plan. I've not been to the Texas Hill country. It's on my "list".


  5. Sounds like you have it all figured out for a while. Now I just need to get caught up. As if that's possible. HA!

  6. I love the cat pictures - sort of breaks my heart at the same time. Hey, I live in the DFW area now but lived in the Hill Country for many years. You probably have everything mapped out, but let me know if you want/need any pointers or have any questions.