Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snakes, Lunch, and Dentists, Oh My!


I forgot to post these photos of diamond-back water snakes we saw in Bentsen State Park the other day. They were just enjoying lying around on a fallen tree trying to get a little sun. They are supposedly non-venomous.



Yesterday we had a delightful lunch with fellow bloggers John and Carol. We have been following their blog, 5th Wheel Wanderings, for awhile now, and were planning to meet up with them last May in Elephant Butte, NM. As it turned out, hey had a mechanical problem with their 5th wheel, and had to go on to Albuquerque for repairs. We passed each other in Elephant Butte while they were stopped for gas but didn’t realize it was them. So when they arrived in the Rio Grande Valley last month for a volunteer job at Santa Ana NWR, we planned a meeting.


It is always fun to meet other full time RVers, especially when you’ve been following their blogs. We marvel at how easy the conversation flows and how comfortable we feel with people we are meeting for the first time. After a couple hours of talking about travels, cats, work camping, and everything else under the sun, we had to head out for another trip to Nuevo Progreso.

Jim had a dentist appointment to get his sutures removed, but they had all fallen out on their own beforehand. Dr. De la Rosa gave him a good exam and cleaned around the implant. Said all looked great, no sign of infection, but Jim needed to do a better job of cleaning around the area. Needless to say he’s been very cautious about getting a toothbrush near the implant, especially since the stitches came out early.

I went to a different dentist, Dr. Pablo Verastaqui, to get a second opinion about my tooth. I didn’t tell him I had been to another dentist, just explained the problem. He took one x-ray, poked and prodded for a good while, and agreed with Dr. De la Rosa that the same tooth needed a root canal. But he said I would not need a crown, and Dr. D was planning to prep the tooth for a crown after the root canal. Since I felt comfortable in Dr. Pablo’s office, and he is supposedly a root canal “expert”, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday morning. $150 for a root canal! And a $10 charge for the consultation and x-ray. His website is Guess I’ll find out if that’s true on Tuesday!


  1. Isnt it amazing how easy it is to meet other fulltime RVers and feel comfortable? I am an introvert and have always felt uncomfortable meeting new people... but not now with fellow fulltimers. Its like we've been living together for a long time. We share the same things even though we've never met. I love this life!

  2. I know you will be happy when all the dental work is OVER! Wouldn't want ANY snake near me -- always fun to meet fellow bloggers:)

  3. So glad Jim got a good report. You have to go with who you feel comfortable with Gayle. Glad you like the dentist.
    The snakes look awesome...from afar! Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  4. I recently met another blogger who is a fulltimer and you are right, it was such fun and so easy to talk! I can't wait to get my RV. I have an appointment with a salesperson on Friday to discuss one I'm interested in. Wish me luck! :)

    Did you do a follow-up to the dental work? I'll check to see if I missed it. Thanks!