Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moving on Down the Road



We made a very short move a couple days ago just 1.4 miles down the road to the Arroyo Hondo campground. We scoped it out over the weekend when some tenters were camped there, and saw that the two prime sites would fit an RV. There are only 5 sites, no water or electric, but there is a vault toilet and a dumpster.

Looking through our front windshield. What more do you need with a view like this?


It definitely ranks up there as one of the prettiest sites we’ve ever had. And for only $2.50/night! We were the only ones here the first night, but the other three sites filled by dark last evening. There’s no serious whitewater on this part of the Rio Grande, but there is river rafting and kayaking.


This is a great area for hiking, there being a nice trail right from the campgrounds, and several others a few miles down the road. We also did a hike at the Rio Grande Gorge Visitor Center, and one at the Taos Valley Overlook. Some trail views.




We’ve been to Taos a couple times, typical touristy town with a little plaza surrounded by all the requisite shops and restaurants, and a very bad laundromat.


Did have an excellent vegetarian green chili burrito and some of the best beer we’ve had in a long time at Eske’s Brewpub. You know it’s a true microbrewery when they write the name of the beer on the label with a Sharpie.


Plan to be here a couple more days since Debbie’s antenna hasn’t arrived yet, but  we’re in no hurry to leave this peaceful spot.


  1. Egads...did you guys need gas after the 1.4 mile move?

    That site looks awesome...$2.50/night...picnic table, grill, and a gorgeous view...WOW!

    We are going to visit a microbrewery today in Newport, Oregon. Will toast to you two and your new love...hehe

  2. What a gorgeous site. I could stay there for weeks........well depending on the heat. Lucky you to get one of only 5 sites. I'd love to kayak there it looks beautiful in your fabulous pictures.

  3. $2.50 a night and another microbrewery. I see a pattern here.

  4. Looks like an outstanding site! I'm assuming at 2 bucks a night and only 5 spots, the park operates on the honor system?

  5. Best "backyard" ever, and you don't even have to mow it! Beautiful view...enjoy.

  6. I wouldn't be in any hurry to move either if I was in a spot like that!

  7. It's posts like this that make me really, really, really wish I were already out there. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pics. And I'm with Sherry about being able to stay there but just curious - what are your average temps right now?

  8. Rivercat- Yes, there is a self pay "iron ranger" as is the way in most BLM and Forest Service campgrounds. The $2.50 is the senior pass rate. It would cost $5 for young folks like you!