Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rio Chama Trail



The last of our packages arrived at the Heron Lake visitor center Friday afternoon so yesterday morning we left at 8:15 to beat the heat and made the trek from El Vado Lake to Heron Lake via the Rio Chama Trail. It is a very nice 5.5 mile hike, a gradual climb to a ridge, then a descent down to the Rio Chama.

The worst part was the many steps up to get to the end of the trail. But Debbie was waiting for us in her air conditioned car, a welcome sight. And also in the parking lot was a Canadian couple we met at Eagle Nest Lake.


As far as trails go, this one has it all. Trees, cactus, big rocks, views of the lakes, the river, and even a suspension bridge. We were happy we didn’t have to turn around and walk the 5.5 miles back, though.





One of the packages we received was our Nikon camera that was in for repairs under warranty. They had it for 2 months awaiting parts and It appears to be working properly now but that remains to be seen.

The other packages contained a new project for Jim, which I will report on later when he does the installation.

We’ve enjoyed our spot on El Vado Lake in spite of the heat and bugs. The scenery is great, there are lots of birds, opportunities for long walks and interesting sunsets.




The plan is to be in Colorado this afternoon but looks like it’s hot there, too.


  1. Hope your camera works OK. I am having the same problem as you and thinking of contacting them as well. Have fun in Colorado and stay away from the fires.

  2. I like the stripes on the undercarriage of the raptor. What kind of raptor do you think it is?

  3. I've been following your blog since I met Jim in Eagle Nest, SP. Indeed, I suspect that "Jim's next project" is what he came over to my rig to talk about. :)

    Anyway, how is your Verizon Internet connection out there? I've got a big project coming up and I need a speedy pipe online. I'll probably be heading to Taos Ski Valley from here (which has a fast connection), but I'm hoping to head to Huron/El Vado soon and connection info would be great.


  4. Great raptor picture. I am never able to get them so clearly as yours. All the pictures are really nice. An 11 mile hike would have been a long one especially if it was hot. Although it might have been very interesting to see how different the trail felt and the views looked going the other way. I really like in and out trails.

  5. Beautiful sunset! Dont lose too much weight hiking or we will have to fatten you up with beer when tou get back to BPV.

  6. Wow, great raptor pic! I always look forward to your pics!