Sunday, July 1, 2012

Colorado Trail


The Colorado Trail is a 486 mile hiking/mountain biking trail that begins just down the road from Junction Creek Campground. It runs from Durango to Denver and although the elevation begins here at 7,300’, most of the trail averages over 10,000’.

We hiked about a mile of the trail at higher elevation near Little Molas Lake the other day on the way to Silverton, and yesterday we went 2.5 miles from the start to an overlook, which is a nice destination for a day hike. The trail follows Junction Creek along a high bluff, then descends to cross the creek before it switchbacks up to the overlook.



We saw good looking rocks both in the water


and along the trail.


It was hazy from the overlook due to one of the nearby fires and the direction of the wind. Sounds like they have the fires under control, though, and today is much clearer.


We met a nice couple from Germany at the overlook who were traveling for 3 weeks in a rental RV. They started their trip in Las Vegas and so far their favorite thing was hiking in Zion National Park. They flew to NY and rented an RV a few years ago to see some of the eastern US, but said they really like the west better. Their English was excellent so Jim engaged them in a bit of political conversation about the financial problems in Europe and the US. They weren’t very optimistic

Jim hasn’t gotten up the courage yet to install our new antenna, but he has fixed a leaky faucet, installed a new gray water sensor on our SeeLevel tank gauges that malfunctioned, and is working on the brake controller box in the car that fell off and is being held by bungee cords. Two trips to the hardware and he still didn’t get the right screws. There’s always tomorrow!


  1. Any repair project that doesn't result in at least 2 trips to the hardware store probably indicates the repairer is a professional. Glad to see Jim is more like John than a professional. Makes us feel better.

  2. Looks like a great trail. But a many month project to hike it all.

    Here's to all the RV home repair handmen. Long may they be handy!! We're lucky to have them.

  3. That sure is some beautiful country you are in.

  4. might look at stillhowlyntravels since my blog i private.