Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Last Ouray Hike



It was a small group of three plus one dog this morning who ventured out under overcast skies onto the Portland Mine trail. Jim’s dog bitten knee was looking and feeling much better, and Boonie and Coffee Girl and I were anxious to take another hike.  Mark and Bobbie had to work, Debbie stayed home to cook (a poor excuse to miss a hike!), and Eric and Maureen said they were leaving Ouray today, although they passed us in their SUV without the camper, so they may have just said that to get out of another grueling hike.

This turned out to be a good one, though, not too steep but a substantial enough climb on a forest service road to get the heart rate up, then a nice gentle descent on a switchback trail.

Remnants of Portland Mine.


This is rugged country.


Boonie and Jim giving Coffee Girl a little attention. Jim has no hard feelings about dogs in spite of the incident a few days ago. You can see the old railroad ties still in the foreground.


It was another great hike in Lovely Ouray, as Mark calls it.


And as much as we hate to go, we are departing tomorrow. The owners of the property we’re staying on are out of town, but we don’t want the neighbors to think we’ve become squatters!


  1. So glad to hear Jim is out on the hiking trail so soon. What a beautiful hike you had.

  2. You have certainly seen some wonderful country there in Ouray. I love that shot of all the mountain peaks. What beautiful and rugged country.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Enjoy your next outing!

  4. I LOVE that last photo. The mountains are spectacular.
    Safe travels!

  5. If those neighbors give you a hard time, just whack them on the head!

    Looks beautiful there. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  6. What a fantastic place to hike. I saw the pics on Marks blog and I couldn't believe that hike you did the other day. That would really be a fantastic hike.

    It was sure nice you were able to meet up with so many nice people.

  7. Mark, our view looks so empty now, miss it already. :(