Saturday, July 21, 2012

It Pays to Have Friends in High Places


Our sweet little boondocking spot in Ouray, Colorado.


Our view, a huge improvement over the RV park in town.



The other night we had the pleasure of being invited to a small gathering at the home of Mark and Bobbie, from Box Canyon Blog. Also there was Boonie (Occupation of Independence), a full time RVer whom we met this spring in New Mexico, and John Q, who is camping up at Amphitheater and is a reader of Marks’ blog. Oh, can’t forget their friend and tenant Lenard, an interesting marathon runner, hiker and cyclist. It was a very pleasant evening and we really appreciate Mark and Bobbie’s hospitality.

By the way, they actually own two beautiful houses on a hill with wonderful views and within walking distance of the hot springs pool and downtown Ouray. Both properties are for sale, so if anyone is interested check out this link. We forgot the camera when we went to their house, so don’t have any pictures.

Yesterday Mark was kind enough to load us all up in his truck and take a drive on the Million Dollar Highway over Red Mountain Pass, then up an old mining road where we parked and hiked above tree line to a hidden lake tucked in the mountains. I really can’t describe the beauty of the area, but we took a zillion pictures. They don’t compare to the ones Mark has on his blog, though, so be sure to check it out. He is a great promoter of Ouray.

At the start, with Mark, Jim, Boonie, John, and Debbie. Somehow Jim managed to be up and ready at 7:30 so we could beat the afternoon thunderstorms.


The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, the company was great, and the scenery even better. This hike had it all.





Steam crossings. Once we got off the jeep road, there really wasn’t a trail.


Mark assured us there was a lake over there somewhere.


Numerous waterfalls.



Evidence of the mining days.



Even some snow to navigate. On the way back this is where Mark discovered he left his camera on a rock where we stopped for a snack. He, Jim, and John went back and yes, he found it. I’ve yet to see the video, but Mark caught Jim in a turtle position sliding down this slope.


We finally came to Bullion Lake. A hike doesn’t get much better than this.



Debbie testing the waters, and yes, it was cold.


Mark and Jim getting a bit close to the edge.


Thanks, Mark, for a day we’ll always remember.



  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place. So nice that so many of our most interesting bloggers could get together there. Love the photos on The Box Canyon blog. They go places that we will never be able to. Boonie is always interesting to read, as well. He's got some great photos that I enjoy, too. Happy to see you enjoying such a great place.

  2. It was so cool that you got to meet up and hike with Mark, Bonnie, Boonie and John and hike with them through that fantastic area. What a wonderful day and such great pics as well.

  3. That looks and sounds like just about my perfect day. Good friends who are fun and know the area to take you hiking to gorgeous places you might or might not find on your own that have water, water, water as waterfalls, snow and a lake. Boy do I N V U!!

  4. Beautiful! Lucky you to have well-connected friends!

  5. The wildflowers ARE beautiful!

  6. What a BEAUTIFUL place. The hike looks great but that view of the water and the mountains is breath taking.

    What a wonderful friend to take you there. Just lovely!

  7. What a great day, with good people and beautiful sights. Looks like you had a super time! :)