Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ridgway State Park, CO



We drove less than 20 miles yesterday just up the road to Ridgway State Park. The last time we were in Colorado we avoided the state parks since they charge a daily entrance fee, but we desperately needed to dump our tanks, so we decided to spend a night. $22 for the site with electric, plus $7 park entrance fee.

This is a very nice park, though, and huge. We are in the Dutch Charlie section at the Elk Ridge Campground, with barely a view of the lake through the trees.


There are 14 miles of trails so we walked a few miles to one of the other campgrounds, a couple overlooks, and the marina/beach. Saw one deer and some interesting cloud formations.





Today we’re moving on towards Gunnison without a definite plan as to where we’ll be staying. Guess we’ll figure it out along the way.


  1. Travel safe, keep in touch. We loved having you here.

  2. What a lovely park.
    What is with the plus $7 park entrance fee? We have never stayed in a park that made us pay entrance fee.

  3. Ridgway is one of our very favorite state parks. Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry we didn't know you were there before you left. If you get a chance, pick up some Olathe sweet corn, sold throughout that area. It is wonderful. Would you believe, we found some here in Anchorage today?

  4. These are gorgeous pictures. What a lovely area. I wonder if Colorado would have more takers if their state parks weren't so expensive? Or is the fee schedule set up to make it inexpensive for state residents and thus the campgrounds are always full. We felt Texas parks were also unnecessariy expensive. Full campgrounds bring in more revenue than partial no matter what you are charging. So I say charge less if you can't keep them full.

  5. That sounds like the Texas state parks who also charge a daily entrance fee. Can you obtain an annual pass that covers the entrance fee?