Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last Days in Fort Bragg



Fort Bragg, CA may not be the easiest place to get to, but it’s definitely worth the detour. We spent our last few days doing more walking along the coast and socializing with friends. It drizzled all day Thursday which gave us a good excuse to do laundry and shopping, but overall we’ve had great weather here.

Deer occasionally wander through our site, and Sophie has had a couple of staring contests with this one. She growls and gets all fluffed up while the deer just curiously stares at her.


We’ve seen a few banana slugs on our hikes.

Fort Bragg, CA2

And lots of ground squirrels.


The circle of life. Vultures enjoying a nice meal of seal.


We finally made it to Glass Beach. After the 1906 earthquake, rubble and debris were pushed off the bluffs, and the area then became the town dump. The dump was relocated in 1967, and the city attempted to clean up the area by burning piles of trash. Now there are huge “rocks” full of interesting artifacts, and millions of little pieces of glass on the shore.





Beach at MacKerricher State Park.


Irises at Lake Cleone, also in MacKerricher SP.


Pudding Creek Trestle. Part of Union Lumber Company’s Ten Mile Railroad in the early 1900s, which was converted to a road for hauling lumber in 1949.


We also had another fun happy hour with the Aluminarium crew. This time we visited Brian and Leigh at their quirky little RV park on Noyo Harbor.


Brian, Leigh, Jim, Debbie and Curtis (their sweet dog). Sorry Curtis, I only got a butt shot!





And we also want to thank our gracious hosts for letting us park in their yard. Hope we didn’t overstay our welcome! Jim was just saying last night that our time in California so far has been made much better by the friends who’ve shown us around and given us suggestions for places to visit, things to see and trails to hike.


And as much as we’re enjoying the coast, today we head inland for a change of pace.


  1. Can't believe we missed the famous Glass Beach when we were there. Just gives us a great reason to return to that lovely area. Having locals for tour guides is definitely the best way to see an area. Safe travels

  2. Oh I'm sorry to see you leave the coast. I've so enjoyed being with you there. Love the picture of Sophie and the deer. Too cute.

  3. Glass Beach looks amazing! Looks as if you continue to enjoy yourselves!

  4. Huh. I didn't know they had slugs in California! Gorgeous place--Glass Beach looks really cool! Safe travels!

  5. I've loved seeing your time on the coast! Have never made it to Fort Bragg, it looks like a great place to explore. Looking forward to your next adventures!

  6. Hum, that's different than the story we heard about Glass Beach. We were told they used to sink trash in the ocean and it washed up there. Your story does sound more logical, else why would it only wash up there.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing all you found in Ft. Bragg. We drove along the coast on a motorcycle trip but now we need to visit and do some serious touring.

    I love Sophie checking out the deer (gotta love those huge ears). Being a cat person, I can just hear her and see her all fluffed up. The banana slug is...interesting!

    I really need to see Glass Beach. It sounds so interesting. Great photos!

  8. Are those poppies in the first photo? We were in California is late April, several years ago, and really enjoyed seeing the poppies.

  9. Not poppies, golden yarrow, I think. We have seen lots of poppies, too, though.

  10. Fort Bragg is definitely on my bucket list. I really enjoyed all your pics of this coastal area.