Monday, May 19, 2014

Moving Up the Coast


We enjoyed our two nights at the Cher-Ae Casino in Trinidad, CA, a cute little town with a population of 350 located on a picturesque harbor.



Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, a replica of the original Trinidad Head Lighthouse to honor those lost at sea.


We hiked the loop trail on Trinidad Head, the 360’ high promontory that’s the backdrop for the town.



Fellow hiker, Puffin. What part of “Dogs must be on leash” don’t people understand? Honestly, we don’t care, but she wasn’t real good about staying close to her owner.


Jim’s very sweet nurse at the ER the other night told us we must drive along the scenic road past the casino for some great views of the coast and access to the beach where she likes to surf. So we did.




We stopped at one of the overlooks and looked down to see this. Yikes!! He appeared to be the only person on this section of the beach.


It rained a little yesterday morning but it appeared to be clearing up, so we decided to move on another 44 miles north on 101 to Chinook RV Resort in Klamath, CA. It was another lovely drive along the coast, and we saw a herd of elk along the way.

They are charging a special off season rate of $15/night. Full hookups, cable, free but slow WiFi, and a laundry room.


With the added bonus of a riverside site.


We’re just two miles from the Klamath River Overlook, where we accessed the Coastal Trail yesterday afternoon for a great hike. But I’ll save that for later. Oh, and if anyone is wondering, Jim is feeling almost back to normal so I hid the rest of the Valium.  Winking smile


  1. Whoah, just read about Jim's visit to the ER. What a scary day! I am so happy it was nothing serious, but I totally would have done the same thing (taken him there). Glad he's feeling better!
    Nina & Paul (wheelingit)

  2. Glad you made that drive or you would have missed Mr. Butt man. I could have really done without that

    When Paul and I took a ride we stopped at a very high cliff and watched hang gliders. When we looked down, all we saw were naked people. We had no idea that we were looking down at Black's Beach. Boy did we get an eye full.

  3. Great suggestion from the nurse. Wonder if she's seen Mr. Butt. I did laugh out loud when I saw it. What is up with that anyway? Boy you sure found a great campground AGAIN. $15 for river front. You two are amazing.

  4. Whoa - X-RATED for sure lol!!! What beautiful scenery (other than Mr. Butt man!) Northern California can sure compete with Oregon for beautiful beaches.

  5. That certainly will get your attention when look over the edge to see the gorgeous ocean...Mr. Butt!! I don't believe it ever gets warm enough for that attire (or lack of it). Can you say shrinkage!!

    I am really enjoying your trip along coast. We did all this about 12 years ago on a motorcycle, long before we ever dreamed that one day we would be living in a MH. I remember narrow, very windy roads. Could one do this with a 40' Class A?

    Hiking along the cliffs is wonderful. We really enjoyed ourselves while in Monterey. I would enjoy following your route one day.

  6. John and Pam, we have seen Class As on Hwy 1 everywhere except from Fort Bragg to Legget. That section is really twisty and narrow, with lots of redwoods close to the road, and cyclists to watch out for. We did fine taking it very slowly, and logging trucks fly along that road, but I wouldn't feel comfortable in a bigger RV. I drove the car ahead of the rig and would radio back to Jim when traffic was approaching. That way he was able to take those hairpin turns wide and not worry about seeing a vehicle heading towards him. It really hasn't been as bad as we thought it might!

    1. Thanks for this info. That's how I remembered the road. It seemed tight on a motorcycle, I can't imagine it with a MH. Maybe we can find another way to do some of these areas.

  7. Glad to hear Jim is doing better.

    Looks like you've landed in another gorgeous spot! You sure know how to pick 'em!

    Even though it was sunny it didn't look warm enough to be naked at the beach! Oops, just remembered the recent heat wave!

  8. Looks like you landed in a nice spot. Too bad Gayle and Debbie didn't pose with Mr. Butt-Man. That would have been quite a pic. HA!!

  9. Yikes, that nude shot was quite an eyeful! Enjoying your coastal meanderings especially the tide pools and rocks.