Monday, May 12, 2014

Westport Union Landing State Beach, Westport, CA



Decisions, decisions. At the last minute we let the weather dictate our direction of travel, and decided to stay north along the coast. A heat wave is moving inland, and we’ve been enjoying the rocky coast so much, we braved the twisty Hwy 1 and moved less than 25 miles to Westport Union Landing State Beach. Much of the park is closed except for some campsites on the bluffs.


$25/night, no hookups, but there are pit toilets, water, and a trash dumpster. And a nice view of the Pacific.


The internet is not so good, though, a very slow 1x connection with the booster. But as remote as this area feels, we were surprised to have any. 


It’s just a short walk down to the beach, so we spent a couple hours walking, taking photos, climbing on rocks and looking at tidepools.








Unlike the jellyfish we used to find in Florida.


Early last evening we saw a man pushing a stroller walking north on Hwy 1. Turns out we had seen him Saturday walking through Fort Bragg. He stopped and made camp next to us, so we got to hear his story.

This is Dave,, walking from San Diego to Seattle to raise awareness and donations for a charity he cofounded, Street Fraternity, and just because he likes walking. Nice guy, we enjoyed talking with him.


We are probably moving on today, and who knows where we’ll end up. We’re in this very indecisive mood, but we just realized Memorial Day weekend will soon be upon us and we’ll need to find a place to hide out.


  1. I love looking at photos of the Pacific coast. Gorgeous.

    Safe travels were ever you head.

  2. Don't blame you at all for shying away from the interior heat and staying with the coast. $25 to boondock is pricey but I guess that's California and judging from your fantastic pictures it is a gorgeous place to be.

  3. Looks like my comment disappeared. So I'll try again. Wise move to avoid the interior heat I think. What a beautiful spot. Your pictures are fantastic! $25 for pit toilets and no dump site is definitely California. I was just reading about $24 for 50 amp/electric in Oregon.

  4. Nice sunset & good beach weather!

  5. I forgot to mention some CA state parks give a senior discount of $2. So we actually paid $23.

  6. Fun to read your comments on our "neck of the woods". We live about a mile from where you ended up on the Santa Rosa Creek Trail and spend lots of our winter camping time at McCarricher, our favorite local campsite. Can't wait to read where you go next. Unfortunately your posts have been going into my spam and I'd missed out on all the places you'd been since Laguna Seca! Enjoy the warm weather that's here for a few days!

  7. Gazpacho Diaries, thanks for commenting. You live in a beautiful part of the state! We ended up spending another night at Westport.We're having a great time in norhtern CA and plan to hang around another couple weeks.

  8. Isn't it interesting how at one time we so looked forward to any holiday and weekend that might mean a day off work. Now weekends and holiday become a real hassle...haha! Oh, how the tides have turned:)

    Not sure anything is quite as beautiful as the rocky Pacific Coast and ocean with a blue sky. That is one strange jellyfish!

  9. How do you manage to upload all your great pics with only 1X?

  10. John and Pam have the right of it. Holidays have become so annoying! We have to plan to be somewhere and to be off the roads. Your photos are just beautiful.

  11. Wonderful anemone shot! The others are good, but that was just about perfect.

  12. The anemone shot is absolutely perfect! What a great shot. Not that I am making less of the others - they are excellent, but that one really caught my eye. Good to hear that Jim is OK.