Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cool on the Coast



As the heat wave has continued inland, we’ve been staying nice and cool here on the Oregon coast. We forgot how little change there is from the lows to highs, ranging from mid 50s to low 60s. Quite a contrast from the wild temperature swings we had in Bend. Until yesterday it’s been mostly overcast with fog much of the day and even a little rain.


Our spot at Chinook Winds Casino has been a perfect location, being just a couple minutes walk to the beach, which we’ve done once or twice every day. Kim and I checked out some more tide pools yesterday morning and hit the jackpot.


We saw tons of mussels, anemones and quite a few starfish, also know as sea stars.





Clumps of gooseneck barnacles.


One day Kim talked Debbie and me into playing bingo in the casino. Good thing it was Birthday Bingo, honoring people with July birthdays, since the only thing we got was a free cupcake and a lifetime worth of second hand smoke. We had no idea bingo was so complicated, and luckily we weren’t thrown out for all the cutting up and laughing we did. It would have been even more fun had one of us been a winner. Cross that one off my bucket list!

On one of our beach walks Jim fell in love….with ferrets. A couple had four of them out on the beach, and Jim immediately wanted to trade in our cats. I must admit they were cute, and it was entertaining watching Jim try to get them out from under his jacket and pant legs.




On our rainy day we all went to the Tanger Outlet Mall. Jim sat in the guest services area with free WiFi and updated our Garmin while the girls did some shopping. I hadn’t intended to buy much, but ended up with new North Face hiking boots, and Columbia pants, jacket, fleece pullover, and hat. Debbie and Kim also got some great bargains.

The fog and clouds cleared up yesterday afternoon and I wanted to try out my new boots, so we drove to Cascade Head, just a few miles north of Lincoln City. The trail enters Nature Conservancy property and climbs to stunning views.



Kim and Debbie.



Not just of the Pacific.



But also the estuary and mouth of the Salmon River.



Debbie and Kim decided to stop and sit and admire the views while Jim and I continued to the top. We were hoping to get to the end of the 3.3 mile trail and the upper viewpoint where we could see to the north, but this is what it looked like as we got closer.



It was cold, very windy, damp and nothing to see. We made our way back down and when we came upon Debbie and Kim they were watching a herd of elk in the grass below.



It was all downhill from there and my boots did great, no issues with sore toes like I’d been having with the old ones. When we got back it was just in time for happy hour at McMenamins, a short walk across the road from the casino.

Looks like today will be another good day for a beach walk, after the dreaded laundromat. But it’s also just across the road, along with Safeway, Dollar Tree, Grocery Outlet, Goodwill, and Cold Stone Creamery, where we had our dessert last evening.



Tomorrow Tillamook.


  1. So those are Gooseneck Barnacles. Cool! Great post.

    1. Made you almost feel like you were there, huh?

  2. Great pictures - we need to get over to the coast. It's 4:00 p.m. and 94* here right now - UGH!!

  3. Love the pictures of the sea stars and other colorful critters. Updating a GPS at the Outlet Mall is a great idea. Ours needs it and I won't used the broadband.

  4. That is a well placed casino! Everything you need, nothing you don't right in the area.

  5. I am happy to report we are now on cool coastal waters as well! Not the ocean though, it's the Strait of Juan de Fuca. SO happy to be in the cool again!

    Wonderful photos. I am so looking forward to tidepooling later in the summer! Ferrets are intriguing and I've never had the opportunity to meet one, very cool you got that opp. Gotta love the Columbia Outlet Store! We'll be there in Sept.

  6. Love all the colors of the sea creatures in and around the tidepools. Great shots. I can't pass up a Columbia Outlet Store.....sounds like you scored :-)

  7. That sure looks like the place to be! The AZ monsoons have sent humidity into SoCal the last week and it's just yucky :-(. Love the tide pool pics - beautiful colors. I have not been to a Columbia outlet store, but see I have missed out - will try to remedy that when the opportunity arises :-).

  8. Great shopping spree!

    Ferrets...I knew people who had ferrets for pets. They're a lot of work. There's a reason for the saying, "to ferret something out." Ferrets get into everything!

    I can't see you trading in your cats anyway.

  9. Mmmmm...what a beautiful post. I love the tidal pools. I really, really need to do some of these. Great hike:) Even a very successful shopping trip. I did some hiking shopping before we left Atlanta since they had such a huge REI but I love any good outlet. Glad the new boots worked well:)

  10. I spend a lot of money at our nearby Columbia outlet but I need to get out to REI and check out hiking shoes since I gave mine away to my daughter recently. Great hike, and those temperatures are great for all that exercise. Low 70's this week in northern Wisconsin and we're quite pleased since southern Wisconsin has been so hot this summer.