Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quinault Beach Casino, Ocean Shores, WA



We arrived at Quinault Beach Casino in Ocean Shores, WA on Thursday to try to beat the weekend crowd, which we did. Trying to get level was another story, but it seems like every casino parking lot we’ve stayed at is that way. Kimbopolo Kim showed up from Seattle a couple hours after we did and the girls decided to go into the casino and sign up for Club Casino to get our $5 free slot play. It was then we learned that a big motorcycle event, Hog Wild 2014, was taking place this weekend.



An oversight on our part when we looked at their website, so now what to do? Jim’s immediate reaction was to leave Friday morning, but our next stop is Olympic National Park and we were concerned about getting sites there without reservations on Friday. Also our Iowa friends Chuck and Carla were on their way to meet us here. So we convinced Jim it might be entertaining to stay, and here we still are. For the most part there are very few motorcycles back in the RV lot, and it’s been relatively quiet except for the music. It’s not often we get to open our windows and listen to the sounds of Skynnyn Lynnard!

On a positive note, the weather has been clear and pleasant and we are just a short walk to the beach.


Unfortunately it’s another drive-on beach.



Chuck and Carla arrived yesterday afternoon, and after a walk on the beach we had a fun happy hour catching up.

From left, Chuck, Carla, Debbie, Kim, and Jim, who was in rare form after only the first beer.


Today we drove over to Damon Point, a peninsula just south of Ocean Shores on Grays Harbor, where we took a four mile hike around the point.




We could even see the Olympic Mountains and Mount Rainier way off in the distance. You’ll have to trust me on that one.


The most interesting part of our hike was seeing thousands of velella vellella, commonly known as “by-the-wind sailor,” a hydroid polyp, which is a jelly-like invertebrate. When the wind is just right they get washed up on shore and die.



They look and feel like little pieces of cellophane with fine veins running through them.



When we got back, Kim, Carla, Debbie and I walked over to the stage to check out the Men’s Large Tattoo Contest. Only three guys entered, which was hard to believe. The guy with the Freedom Harley tattoo was the winner. And we don’t know what the prize was.





Tonight it’s the AC/DC tribute band, all female, called Hell’s Belles. We might just have to walk over and check them out. If nothing else the people watching should be interesting.


Our plan is to hang out here until Monday before moving north to Olympic NP. And it looks like our weather might just cooperate.


  1. I suggest that you both get a tattoo so as to better relate to your fellow travelers. Lets see..for you Gayle perhaps a cat and Jim you are definitely up for the 1%er on your forearm. I just got "eat bacon" tattooed on my knuckles.

  2. Gayle wouldn't use the title I chose, Rolling Numbskulls


  3. HA! So now I finally know what that polyp is called. We saw them all over the beach further north and had no idea.
    Nina and Paul (wheelingit)

  4. Rolling Numbskulls evokes quite an image. Imagine a tattoo of a survivalist MAD MAX-like RV piloted by a numb-Skull Skeleton plastered across Jim's back. I like it :))
    Enjoy your Sea-Level hikes; Mountain trails and steep roads lurk in your future...
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. We use to hit a few of these rallies when we first started to motorcycle. While the Harley crowd is always super friendly, it just wasn't for us. It is definitely a place to see tattoos. While I am not a fan of tattoos, I have to say those three guys have some beautiful art work there, to bad it is on their body. I can't imagine the hours and dollars it took for that work.

    I am getting a little jealous here!! it seems that the Olympic Peninsula is the place to be this summer and no one sent us the memo!!! When we finally decide to go, we'll be all alone! Oh, well, I am gathering lots great information for when we do get there. Wishing luck Monday on finding a great spot:)

  6. Sounds like you made the best of an unexpected event. When in Rome...... The velella are interesting, I've never seen them. Wonder if I can remember their name when we do see them :-)))). Enjoy the beautiful area. Like Pam said, it's where all the cool kids are now.

  7. Do you feel like you are in the middle of another Woodstock? Lol

    I have never heard or seen velella.
    They look pretty interesting. Not sure I could touch one though.

  8. Sounds like you're having fun with your biker buddies. Was there a small tattoo contest too?

  9. Looks like fun! Hope to see you in August. :)

  10. We had a similar problem when not planning ahead for the trip between Theodore Roosevelt NP and Rocky Mountain NP. Sturgis SD is half way and the motorcycle rally is there it seems for the entire month of August. So no campsites. We actually saw them in our recent forced move to Red Trail they were on their way two weeks early. Apparently "Sturgis" is a huge event. Who knew? . They were very nice but motorcycles are SO loud. Hope it all turns out well for you. Don't blame you for not wanting to try to walk in to Olympia on a week-end.

  11. I like the hat the young woman to the left of the tattoo contestant is wearing. The white feather makes a statement. The Freedom tattoo is beautifully executed, wonder how long that took to do. In my 20's I got a tiny tattoo and I'm done! It hurt. It does seem that the OP is the place to be this summer.

  12. I'll have you know that Free Bird is one the songs banned on the little eclectic radio station I engineer. Simple Man is a great tune though. But a Female AC/DC band, that actually sounds interesting. Here in Hawaii Tats are becoming really accepted. Many Mom type Women have some nice ink done. There are many new shops all over the place.