Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another Job Finished


As of 10 yesterday morning there was no sign of the painters so we decided to head out for a bike ride. When we returned a couple hours later they were hard at work. After we finished lunch there was a knock on our door to tell us they were unable to match the burgundy paint, although we gave them a small bottle of old touch-up paint and the color code from Lazy Daze. It sure would have been nice if they had waited to do the prep before finding out the paint didn’t match. At that point there was nothing to do but paint with the wrong color and see what it looked like.

As it turned out it was pretty close, but what really surprised us is that the paint they used is metallic, but the original paint is not. It’s really only visible under direct sunlight, but still. It does look much better than it did before, and the fake black windows look great. We would definitely not recommend Dave’s Auto Detailing for painting, although a couple people recommended them to us.

Here are the before and afters.






 The left side had several cracks in the end cap, so they filled in and repainted that side, too. At least we have matching mismatches, and from a distance it looks great.


And now just for fun, here are some photos of things we’ve seen on our walks around the Yuma Foothills. I’ve always wondered who buys some of the strange lawn ornaments we’ve seen in garden shops, and we found them here in Yuma.





But on the other hand we’ve also seen plenty of lovely homes and landscaping. It’s quite an interesting mixture.



  1. I just love the looks of those arches - as in your last picture. I'd probably get tired of so much of the same architecture, but I sure loved looking at it when we were in Santa Fe for five months. Downtown Santa Fe is a photographer's dream!

    Virtual hugs,


  2. WOW...what a difference. Glad you finally have the paint job under your belt!

  3. I am relieved for the Libra that you have "matching mismatches." ;-)

    1. Frankly I fully expected that the work would not be perfect. What I found stunningly amazing was that they would not just mismatch color but paint type. This after providing the guy the mfg and paint codes with phone numbers.

      And you really can't argue, "you get what you pay for". In this case I called Lazy Daze and the price would have been very close. Of course, they had no spot open till July.

      In the end, I'm trying to care less. You do remember the link I sent you on that?


    2. Well, parking in Yumer till July would have been a higher price indeed. So yes, a good aspiration for us all would be to aim toward giving zero. ;-)

  4. Sorry that it didn't turn out as you had hoped. My vision rarely matches the reality but I am impressed with how the windows look. You have a fresh clean slate to begin the next travel chapter. I'm sure it will be good to get all this behind you.

  5. I just had this feeling about those painters. Glad you are OK with what they did. Glad you mentioned their name so others can beware.

  6. Despite the problems, the paint job looks great!! Our fake windows have a big scratch on them, and we're thinking of painting them ourselves -- but we'd probably have to cover the entire rest of the rig with a tarp to prevent overspray. Anyway: Looks terrific.

  7. The rig looks great! You'll have to keep it now.

  8. Finally, painted. What is it with businesses that can't seem to listen. Glad it turned out alright. Seems like everyone is into spring cleaning.

  9. Pretty frustrating when you did everything but put the right can of paint in their hand. They should have offered to paint the center to match but it really does look fine. "Windows" look great. I love adobe style architecture and that house is beautiful. The cow is a bit much :-)

  10. The chicken and the cow are huge...what were they thinking!?!?!?

  11. I love the variety in this great country. From mountains to desert.

  12. Some of those decorations are really funny! Your black fake windows look wonderful, and the other paint is almost perfect. I'll bet no one would notice unless they were really looking, it's so close. I wonder if people can get the paint themselves from LD to make sure it's the correct color. Something to check out, I guess, for any future painting issues.

    I love the adobe architecture in Arizona and New Mexico. :)

    I'm (maybe) getting new tires today or tomorrow. Thanks for your input on the warranty possibilities. I've got my fingers crossed. :)