Friday, July 17, 2015

Small Town Living



It’s been a good month at Shady Creek RV Park in Cedaredge, CO, but we’re ready to move on as we always are after hanging around one place for a while. We found plenty to do in the area, and also got most of our to-do list done.

Since the RV park is just a block off Main Street everything is within a short walk or bike ride, including the post office, Ace Hardware, bank, brew pub, Food Town, Family Dollar, and the animal shelter. The larger town of Delta with a Safeway, City Market, and Walmart is only 12 miles away, Montrose is 35 miles, and Grand Junction is a 50 mile drive for anything else you could possibly need..

Main Street Cedaredge consists of two blocks of small businesses, and this is the norm for the number of cars we’ve seen. There is one traffic light in this town of about 2,500 people.


Thanks to Lynne (Winnie Views) we learned that we could order from Amazon by adding PO Box to the General Delivery address and they would ship USPS. It always drives us crazy that Amazon cannot tell you in advance what shipping method will be used and we’ve been burned a couple times before so we just quit ordering from them. We tried it out 4 or 5 times here and it worked so it looks like Amazon will be getting our business again.


The liquor store is right across the street from the RV park so we never ran out of beer.


In addition to the hikes we did on nearby Grand Mesa, we found plenty of other things to see and do within about a 60 mile radius of Cedaredge. On days that we didn’t go out for a real hike or a day trip, we got our exercise by walking from the RV park less than a half mile to the Surface Creek trail. The trail goes for about a mile and a half along the creek, passing by the golf course. A dirt road extends past the trail along the course, and we typically did a 4-6 mile walk depending on whether we continued on the dirt road or wandered the streets of the huge golf course community.






We frequently saw deer in many of the backyards on our walks.


Including our own.


The cats have enjoyed it here since it is so quiet. During the entire month there were only three families with kids who stayed just a few nights so it’s been very peaceful.



Grasshoppers on the window provided hours of entertainment.



Sophie has become quite the tree climber. Jim only once had to get a ladder to rescue her.


It’s been a very nice month. Today we move on to Ouray and reunite with the gang.


  1. Looks like a nice place to spend a summer month. How was the weather?

    1. Our first two weeks here were during the heat wave so it was way too hot, in the 90s. The past two weeks have been great, upper 70s to low 80s, but it's monsoon season so we've been dodging lots of thunderstorms.

  2. We will need to keep this place in mind for a future summer stop. Thanks!

  3. I think my friend Jack would like to get a picture of that post office. It's rather unique looking.

  4. Elvis be chillin'. Love the grasshopper photo. Can't wait to see you guys!

  5. Sounds great. Was your stay at the right time or would it have been better a bit later?

    1. September would probably be the best time. No mosquitoes and aspens changing color.

  6. I'm interested in how you address your amazon things. PO Box General Deliver, Cedaredge, CO ??
    Looks like a sweet little town with a really nice park. Love the water they call a creek. There are rivers here that aren't that swift. Love Sophie in the tree. They sure look relaxed. LOL at chasing the grasshoppers. Envying you going to Lovely Ouray. Safe travels to all that fun.

    1. Yes, when entering the shipping address on Amazon just put PO Box on one line and General Delivery on the next, then the city and zip. The packages were delivered to the post office every time.

    2. I'm going to have to give this a try. Thanks!

  7. We really have to try out that area. Sounds great.

  8. Great cat shots! Sophie looks awful comfortable in that tree!

    I like staying in small towns, it is so different from the way we used to live in San Diego. We are currently in Buffalo WY for a month and it's about twice the size of Cedaredge. I doubt I'll ever live in a giant city again...

  9. This area and park sound perfect for us. I really like that you can walk or bike to so, much even hiking! Thanks for all the details:) The cats are so cute. I love it when they lay on their backs. Sophie is loving life in that tree:) You are going to have so much fun in Ouray reconnecting with Mark and Bobbie. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures:)

  10. Sounds pretty perfect :-) Love the pics of the creek along the trail. The cats are a crack up at the window - you can't buy entertainment like that!

  11. That small town looks like a wonderful place to relax for a few weeks. Enjoy Ouray! I am so envious.

  12. Beautiful spot - nothing like hiking right next to a stream. The cats look so relaxed - love the photos of them sleeping. :)

  13. This area is so gorgeous it's hard to believe you were in an RV park. My kind of small town for sure.