Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another Hike in Lost Jacket Canyon and Blogger Meet-Up



After a day of rest following the Chesler Park loop we went back to what we have dubbed “Lost Jacket Canyon” to show Mark and Bobbie around the area. Laurelee and her dog Libby joined us as they stayed at the campground about a half mile from where we started our hike. We ended up walking 7 miles through new territory, more lovely red rock scenery.



At one point Jim took the low road.


While the rest of us got high.




Laurelee, Libby and I had a bit of a problem trying to get back down, but Mark came to our rescue.




During our lunch break Libby dug out a nice cool spot in the sand. She’s a good hiker.


This is a very scenic area with unlimited possibilities for exploring.



Just a mile or so in the opposite direction from our camp is another scenic canyon where some of us hiked.


And several miles away, in the middle of no where on a dirt road is Rockland Ranch, a polygamist community. Yes, only in Utah.


On our last day Suzanne, Debbie, Jim and I were in need of doing laundry and getting groceries so we went for a 40 mile drive to Moab. Just so happened that Hans and Lisa (Metamorphosis Road) had arrived that day for a week long stay so we met them for dinner at Moab Brewery. Mark and Bobbie decided they needed to do some shopping, also, so they came later and met us.

Debbie, Suzanne, Bobbie, Hans, Lisa, Gayle, Jim.


Mark took my place in this shot.


After leaving the brewery we stopped at City Market, where Jim found this good parking space. We were embarrassed to get out of the car, but Jim said we were entitled to park here. Since getting old is no picnic I guess we should take advantage of it however we can!



  1. What is Jim doing to me??? Better yet, what am I doing to Hans :))
    What a group…
    Box Canyon Mark

  2. Love those wandering hikes in the red rocks:) How neat that you were able to catch up with Hans and Lisa!! It was quite the group looking at the photo:) Good times for sure!

  3. Despite the unseasonable heat this is such an amazing area! It was awesome seeing everyone again...some day we will hike with you guys!

  4. Beautiful colors on that hike. Libby looks like Tessa :-) How fun to add Hans and Lisa to the mix for dinner - bet there was lots of lively conversation! Good for Jim for enjoying the "perk" in the parking lot :-)))))

  5. LOL at the idea of you guys as senior citizens. I think you'll need to be 85 or 90 to qualify given the state of your vigor! What a group you've put together for these hikes. Green with envy here. Such fun!

  6. Love to see the gang having so much fun in Utah.