Thursday, October 8, 2015



Here is Jim walking Sophie yesterday while wearing the jacket he lost hiking a few days ago.


After two days of off and on rain and strong winds, yesterday morning under clear skies Suzanne, Debbie, Jim and I headed out to retrace our steps with some help from the Backcountry Navigator program on Jim’s phone. Since we were not on a trail for most of the hike, we never would have found the jacket had he not saved the track, especially since Debbie and I had taken different routes many times along the way. After nearly four miles and just a short distance from the car, a rabbit stopped in front of us. As we were watching it Jim and I both looked to our left and spotted something black in a pile on the ground. Lo and behold it was Jim’s jacket, just a little bit damp and barely even dirty. Luckily it fell out on a grassy area and just stayed there right on Jim’s previous track. We sure wish we had thought to do our hike backwards as we would have found it right away and wouldn’t have had to be looking under every shrub and rock, but at least he got it back and it was a beautiful day for a hike.

Not long after we returned to camp Goldie arrived from Ouray. Mark and Bobbie had to try a few times to find a fairly level place to park, but shortly they were settled in and brought each of us a scrap cookie from Mouse’s Chocolates. Thanks, guys!


And just a few more photos from a walk Suzanne and I took the other evening after the rain stopped. 


The La Sal mountains got quite a bit of snow.



We are now in our month of milestones, as the 6th was our 7th year anniversary on the road, tomorrow is our 33rd wedding anniversary, and the 16th is Jim’s birthday. Last week was also Debbie’s birthday, Suzanne’s is tomorrow, and Mark’s is at the end of the month, so we have lots celebrating to do. And we are in such a lovely place to do it!



  1. The La Sals look so gorgeous in your pictures. What a wonderful little circle you've created there for all the celebrating. Makes me want to say "which one of these is not like the other 3". Happy Birthdays and anniversaries to all. I'd sure like to have that Backcountry Navigator but I'm having so much trouble with my phone and its continually discharging batteries - I have 4 now and still can't keep up - that I think I'll have to get a new phone before getting the software. Just started look and wow are they expensive. $400 for a phone. Sure wish I could use that old $20 princess phone.

  2. Gayle losses her phone on a Colorado hike, Jim losses his coat on a Utah hike, but all is found after careful retrace. That's why you guys have been married 33 years to help find each other's stuff. You have a great campsite with good company to enjoy the red rock. Keep us posted on your hikes.

  3. It's kind of amazing that you found the jacket.

  4. Happy everything to everybody! And thanks to the patron saint of lost clothing for having assisted in the retrieval of the lost jacket!

    Virtual hugs,


  5. Happy Birthday to all the birthday celebrants and Happy anniversaries to you two. Can't wait to see what you will all be up too!

  6. I cannot believe you found that jacket, and the way you found it is amazing. I hope you thanked that little bunny.

    My goodness, where do I begin. Happy Anniversary on your travels, a big happy anniversary on your 33 years of marriage, and an early happy birthday to Jim.

  7. Congrats all around!
    Chris and Mindy

  8. The new snow on the mountains is lovely isn't it! We were surprised and happy to see it when we arrived in Ridgway.

    Nice job finding the jacket!

  9. Happy and congrats to all you party animals!

  10. So glad you found Jim's jacket! Sounds like party time ahead with all those milestones:) Have a great time with the Red Rock Gang!! Looking forward to your adventures:)

  11. Congrats on the recovery - gooood bunny! Such a pretty hike - love the snowy peaks.

  12. Happy Birthdays and Anniversary to all!!!! Gorgeous landscape to take a hike even if it meant backtracking. Glad Jim's coat was found. Expect to hear you are all closer to southern UT soon. Look forward to a meet up.

  13. Love those photos of the La Sal Mountains. Happy anniversaries and happy birthday to Jim. Enjoy your time with friends!