Sunday, October 11, 2015

Anticline Overlook and a Walk in Chesler Park


 On Mark and Bobbie’s first full day here we drove to the Anticline Overlook, 16 miles down a good gravel road with views of Dead Horse Point, the Colorado River, and Kane Creek Canyon. The hazy day didn’t make for the best photos but the views were amazing and made us feel very small in this vast landscape. This area, including where we are camped, is all part of the Canyon Rims Recreation Area, administered by the BLM.

A few photos from our hike along the rim.





Colorado River with potash pools in the background, not far from Moab.




The following day birthday girl (aka Queen) Suzanne got to pick the hike. She chose the Chesler Park Loop trail in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park, a 50 mile drive for an 11 mile hike, if we made it. We took two cars in case anyone wanted to bail early, but I’m happy to report we all managed to complete the entire loop, sore feet and all. Pretty good for a bunch of senior citizens!

To actually get to the Chesler Park Loop you must hike 3 miles up a rather rocky trail with plenty of steps, some rock scrambling, and even squeezing through slots. Of course this also means repeating those same three miles on the way back after having already hiked 8 miles. For a fun 6 mile hike this would be a good place to turn back. But of course we didn’t.




First of several snack breaks. Some members of our group were seeking shade, but Jim and I thought it was a very pleasant day for a hike in the mid 70s with single digit humidity.


Needles Overlook Rd, UT







Nearing the half-way point, after walking on a jeep road for a mile or so, we came upon a shady picnic table and outhouse. Two Jeeps came along and Suzanne offered up her Amex card for a ride. She just may have been serious.



It’s good that she didn’t take the ride or she would have missed the best part of the hike, the Joint Trail, a couple foot split in a towering rock wall, something like a slot canyon. And getting there was half the fun.



DSC03378            P1030060



DSC03376                DSC03382


Mark preaching his sermon. You’ll have to go to Box Canyon Blog to hear what he said.


The last part of the loop had some fantastic views







I don’t think any of us took photos of the last three miles up and down the rocky trail back to the cars. We were all pretty tired by that point and just wanted to sit down. In spite of the length and challenging terrain it was a great hike and a memorable anniversary for Jim and me. It was nice to be able to share it with friends.


  1. The "Queen" chose a gorgeous hike. We love to do slot hiking. I will never get over the gorgeous colors of the rock. Fabulous photos.

  2. What an interesting looking hike and the photos…fabulous!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Looks like the birthday girl wanted to catch up on her hiking all at once!

  4. Gorgeous landscape on that first hike. LOL that Suzanne wanted to bail from her b'day hike. I wondered why she picked what sounded pretty strenuous to me. I remember my 12 mile day on the AT. Tired........absolutely. Great picture of the glorious Canyonlands.

  5. Sherry -- My joking with the jeep drivers for a ride was just my usual poor attempt at humor. At the pace we were walking, I am certain we beat them back anyway. LOL! Actually, it was a great hike in a stunning place with great company!

  6. Thanks for listening to my whining about the heat. I'll be more tolerant of you two when we hike in snow and cold in Zion ;0. I did better today, right???
    Box Canyon Mark

  7. Wahoo!! You did my favorite hike! So glad you did the hike counterclock wise. After you climb to the top of that first three miles, it would be torture trying to come back up that part that you climbed down to the jeep road. The hike from the Joint out is actually fairly easy. Our first time we sat on that picnic table to eat our lunch and looked at the time. It was 4:45!! We didn't start til after 12:00. If it took us four hours to get halfway, how would we get back before dark! Thank goodness the hike was much easier and quicker coming out. We made it out at dusk. So last year we went back so we could actually spend some time in the Joint and enjoy it since our first time was a rushing blur! We, also, now carry head lamps! The whole hike is so cool with all the steps, narrow areas, and that Joint!! This April during our month in Moab, I want to take the trail to the Druid Arch which is about the same distance. What a beautiful birthday for Suzanne!! Thanks for taking me back to the gorgeous mushrooms and needles!

    1. Yes, that was a great hike! And you're right, it wasn't bad at all after the Joint, except for having to repeat those last three miles :-)
      I read about the trail to Druid Arch. Sounds like a tough one, too, but I know you guys will have no trouble!

  8. Sorry, somehow this got deleted. Metamorphosis Lisa has left a new comment on your post "Anticline Overlook and a Walk in Chesler Park":

    Can't wait to do that one! I hope it's a little cooler by the time we get there...

  9. Love that BLM view! We should have gone there instead of the park. But then we couldn't get away from the crowds hiking because Sasha was with us. Of course I'm not sure we'd have hiked that far. Tight squeezes, yet WOW, this is awesome. Another marvelous day and way to spend celebrating with friends.

  10. Beautiful country, for sure. I prefer the Needles section of Canyonlands. We've done a bit of Chessler park.