Thursday, January 21, 2016

Quartzsite Once Again



We first came to Quartzsite in January of 2010 and swore we would never return. For some reason we decided to give it another try in 2011. This year, 2016, is now the fifth time we’ve come during the big RV show in January, joining the Lazy Daze Homeless Camp once again, a really nice group of people.

It’s been a very busy week, socializing with old friends, making new friends, and shopping at the Big Tent and flea markets in town. We don’t need any major purchases this year but have picked up a few odds and ends. It’s always fun just looking around at all the junk. Suzanne treated us to pizza at Silly Al’s on my birthday. It’s loud and crowded at this time of year, but they make a surprisingly good pizza, and is one of those iconic Quartzsite “must go at least once” kind of places.

It’s always fun to see the variety of RVs parked around the desert.



Most of our “hiking” this week has been the walk to the shopping areas from our campsite, about a mile one way. We’ve walked many more miles up and down all the rows of the Tyson Wells flea market. And took a hike up Q Mountain, if you can call 200’ a mountain.


Some of our group at the top.


Nice views of Quartzsite from the mountain.


The weather’s been great and the sunsets spectacular.




We have company coming today, but I’ll save that for the next post. Hope to see some of you this Saturday at the Blogger Fest!

Get-together Details

Location Just to the left of the Restroom 1/2 Mile in La Posa South,

Look for Balloons and Signs

2nd Annual



Quartzsite AZ.

When: Sat. Jan. 23rd 2016

Time:   1 pm till 4 pm

Where: La Posa South LTVA

What : Bring your chairs, beverage,

snack to share and your contact cards.

Inviting all Bloggers, Blog Readers

and friends, anyone wishing to meet the

RVing Bloggers themselves !

Everyone welcome !


  1. I just left Q! It would have been great to finally meet you two in person. Hopefully soon. Am now in Lake Havasu, Craggy Wash. HugZ!

  2. We do like Silly Al's pizza.
    Miss those sunsets! Enjoy the Bloggerfest! Should be a lot of fun.

  3. The sunsets make up for all the crazy - which we too will return to in the future :-) Have a great time at the blogfest, sure hate missing it.

  4. Fun time with new and old friends:) Maybe one year we'll join the crowd! Enjoy the Blogger Fest!

  5. Wow, those sunsets are stunning!
    Hiking the Q mountain was quite fun with great views of all those gleaming RVs in the desert. Although we did not say we won't come back, we have not said we will either, so who knows. Where else can you have fun with old friends and meet new friends... at the big RV party at the Q!

  6. We are out at Dome Rock. Would love to hike up you start on the back side? Plan to see you Saturday.

  7. We were in at Palm Canyon today, but were gone by the time you got there ;-(

  8. We were in at Palm Canyon today, but were gone by the time you got there ;-(

  9. Really does sound like fun. I keep wondering if I would like it. Being parked that close so you can walk is nice,so is pizza. Happy Birthday!! I sure would love to come to Bloggerfest.

  10. Sounds like a wild and crazy time. Not sure if we'll ever make it, but it's fun to read the tales of those who have!

  11. Bloggerfest sounds fun. I doubt if I would find my way.

  12. We had a great time meeting everyone here. Thanks for posting this and joining us.
    Love Silly Al's